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Runway Report: PFW, the Ultimate Runway

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Fashion Month has come to an end, and what better location to close the shows other than the capital of fashion; Paris, France.
 The Runway Report has covered New York and London fashion week, but this roundup is going to be extensive. Even though it was a week, the amount of inspirational fashion seemed to be ongoing. One second you were talking about one show and soon enough, there were already 3 other collections that were the new obsession. PFW is the hub of some of the biggest names in the industry, and they definitely did not disappoint! The collections that stood out to me, I find, to all be very unique and should speak to all personal styles. 

As much as I love fall fashion, after viewing these collections, I am very excited for where spring & summer fashion is heading! 

Now, let’s get into the fashion!

All photos from www.vogue.com


I have to give credit to bloggers from the UK that originally introduced me to the brand Joseph. Something about the clean lines and well tailored pieces really spoke to me. Although the brand itself did not have a show, it did have a showing of the newest collection. The collection, I found to be on ‘brand’. With well tailored pieces like the wide leg trousers and shirts, but with additional details like panels and exposed buttons. The colour palette was perfect for all of us who love a good neutral. There were some aspects of the collection like this cream toned shorts and trench coat, that seems to be inspired by both athleisure and classic construction which offered a more modern and street style inspired look. Overall, after viewing the collection, the brand continues to prove why we need to invest in well tailored pieces as they are the foundation blocks for a strong wardrobe. 


It would not be a runway report without some boho chic inspired fashion, and Chloe always delivers! The clothes had bold colours and edgier pieces, along with some added embellishment in the jewelry and rope belts that add both glamour and rustic inspiration. My favourite look from the collection enraptured all of these elements. The vest and pant separates which have a raw edged hem is the added edge to the paisley print in earth and blue tones that scream the bohemian inspiration which we love from the brand. The outfit was then styled with large earrings covered in stones, a belt made from a scarf wrapped tightly to appear like a rope, and a matching bag & shoe combination with gold plating. Together it creates a medley that is eclectic and glamorous perfect for the woman who doesn’t want to feel confined by clothing and loves to have fun with accessories. 

Paco Rabanne 

Although I did use the word eclectic to describe Chloe’s S/S 19 collection, Paco Robanne created pieces that embodied everything to the meaning of the word. The collection itself was inspired by the heatwave of last summer and the woman who would get away from the hot crammed cities, to come back with a mismatched style infused by the places where they traveled in a modern way. The use of layers, mixed prints of florals in vibrant colours, and accessories which seemed inspired by various cultures. Despite the free and “easygoing” nature of the collection, the clothing itself was well constructed and thought out. An example that comes to mind is the look with the biker jacket made from black leather paired with trousers and a layered skirt over it in a paisley print. Accessories of the look was this beautiful layered gold belt with mixed chains and small pendants hanging from it. Something that would be inspired from belly dancers or Middle Eastern culture. This is a collection for the well travelled woman whose looking to inject inspiration from her travels into her existing wardrobe. It’s the intersection of classic dressing with the fun free spirit of life experiences and memories.

Isabelle Marant 

Going in the complete opposite direction, this collection is for the party girl. Between the shiny fabrics, mini shorts or skirts, and boots that are slouchy and detailed with elements like studs. One of my favourite looks from the collection was this cool cargo inspired romper in pale pink that had monochromatic suede boots and a paisley printed scarf. I love the oversized aspect of the romper balanced with the mini shorts and slouchy boots. This collection is for the woman whose always ready for a night of fun. She’s cool, free spirited, but loves her glamour. Another standout look was the all black look. This was full glam, with the oversized blazer that’s layered over this shiny black mini dress that flows away from the body. The look is oversized, but still so feminine and sexy. Pairing this look with extravagant earrings and slouchy boots that have studded details add an elements of rock and glamour that make this outfit perfect for a night out. This collection was so fun and automatically makes us want to be that cool girl that we saw walk down the runway. 


Again, a completely different direction, but Mulberry brought us back to the 60s with this fun and vintage inspired collection. My love for Mulberry usually comes from their beautiful and luxurious accessories, and this collection did it again! The knee high boots is the continuation of a trend we have already seen, but it’s the skinny fit up the leg that is oh so flattering and just seems to become a second skin on the model. As for bags, Mulberry, along with other brands have stepped away from only producing mini bags and introducing larger and oversized models. This example shows a popular shape that we have seen from smaller handbags, but this oversized look is not only practically but could be worn multiple ways. Other bags had some interesting details like pops of colour with ornaments on classic bags like this bucket bag in the photo above. It elevates and brings an element of fun that I personally love seeing in accessories. 

Zuhair Murad 

If you’ve ever watched any sort of red carpet event, you would definitely recognize this designer’s name. Zuhair Murad is known for creating gowns that are detailed with crystals and embroidered elements that are a stand out amongst other brands. For spring / summer, Zuhair Murad continues to bring us beautifully designed and detailed pieces, and I of course had to share some of my favourites. This dress in a pale lavender shade with layers of ruffles in this lace like material has a reflective element from the stitching used in the fabric. A standout for me was the collection’s separates. Of all the looks, this fuchsia suit could be worn together, but offers the option of wearing these pieces as separates. From the pants with a dramatic flair that create a leg line which seems never ending and the jacket that has a tailored stitching at the waist to have a more figure flattering shape also had these embroidered flowers in a sequinned fabric in a similar colour. Together these separates are beautifully detailed and feminine while still offering a strong frame thanks to the shoulders of the jacket. Although this collection doesn’t offer much every day inspiration, this is more for the appreciation of well made and detail oriented work.

Ellie Saab 

One of the last collections I wanted to highlight from fashion week, is none other than Ellie Saab. When I think of Ellie Saab, I think of pieces like this white suit. Something that is more focused on the details like lace like cut outs from the fabric, the construction of the pieces, and of course emulating a more feminine and classic image. Ellie Saab is known for this beauty as we have also seen from their gowns, but this collection also brought an element of fun & something that for me was unexpected. Like this floor length dress with multicoloured diagonal stripes made from sequins mixed with sheer fabric and a figure hugging fit. This and another look from the collection which was a mixed floral print in both a dress and jacket which had black lace detailing at the bust and hem of the dress. Elements like this made me think of other brands like Rixo that create pieces that combine feminine details with an aspect that is fun and edgy. Of course the construction of the pieces is all Elli Saab, but I personally enjoyed seeing a step away from the gowns that are only made from lace and luxurious fabrics covered in sparkle.

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