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Step Up Your Accessories Game: Sharing my Top Picks from Mango

Friday, September 21, 2018

Like the frosting & sprinkles to a cupcake, you need the finishing touches of your outfit. 

I will not lie to you, I feel like I’m being a hypocrite for creating a shopping post for different accessories when I hardly wear them. I love accessories, whether it’s shoes, jewelry, and even a handbag, I enjoy the idea of them. I just get really lazy when it comes to buying them and actually wearing them. I’ve tried in the last few months to be more aware and when I’m deciding on an outfit, to find ways to add some accessories. They really are the finishing elements that make an outfit complete. You could be wearing the most basic of outfits, let’s say jeans and tee, but with the right accessories, that simple outfit could take on your own personal style and become interesting. 

That’s really the purpose of a good accessory. They’re supposed to be fun, maybe even a little daring, so that you can inject more personality into your looks. Especially when it comes to those difficult to wear fashion trends, accessories are a safer option that won’t break the bank either. 

When purchasing accessories, it’s important to find things that stand out to you. They speak to that inner voice of what you really enjoy about fashion. Then, no matter what you pair them with, the outfit will always be more personal and be unique to who you are. As beautiful as new clothes may be, I sometimes think true personal style comes from how you can take clothing and make it unique. Make it some special, because let’s face it majority of us own the same items in our closets. When I think of specific people in the fashion world who stand out as having great personal style, it’s those who know how to choose the right clothes that are on trend, but take those clothes and make it into something completely different by adding an unexpected bag or shoe pairing. 

Blabbering over, today’s blog post is focusing on you guessed it…. Accessories! 

But not just from anywhere, I chose a brand that is considered high street, but offers options which appear more high fashion and luxury. 

Mango offers contemporary designs and pieces that are always on trend. 

So today, I’m sharing some of my favourites pieces from their fall collection to inspire you all to take your accessorizing to the next level! 

Now let’s get shopping! 


Oh shoes, how I love buying new shoes. For me, this is the key to creating your perfect look. You could have the most amazing outfit, but with the wrong shoe, it would fall flat and miss the mark of what you were hoping to achieve. Because the people who take the time to even style themselves down to the details of their feet really have a clue of what their personal style is & being fashionable. 

Basically, you can have a great outfit with the right clothes, but with the right shoes, it could be a look

It’s a really exciting time, that we can find looks that have been seen on the runway and from luxury brands in high street stores. I love how accessible it is becoming to find pieces that aren't just your typical plain black "suede" ankle boot. Even us girls on a budget want to find interesting pieces that are going to be a standout in our wardrobes, and the four items I found are definitely that!


Now I feel like there is a divided outlook when it comes to handbags; name brand only & anything and everything. Those who buy bags from luxury or more high end brands only wis completely fine! I think if you have the means, go for it! But, for me, a great bag has to have only a few key qualities: 
  1. Quality (Based on Budget): Chances are if you purchased a bag that costs $30, there’s a good chance it won’t last more than a year. Which is perfect for super trendy pieces that you probably wouldn't use past a year or so. However, I think it’s important to note that I have bought from higher end brands and the quality still ended up being s***. You need to look at the stitching and small details to decide if the bag is really worth the amount it costs.
  1. Functionality: In simple terms, can you use it? Don’t buy something simply because other people are wearing it, buy something you know suits your personal style and will be used in your wardrobe. Buy what you like and you know you can use!


Now this is a trend that I started noticing more of last year and scarves continue to be the easiest way to add something luxurious (even if it’s under $30) to your outfit. There's something about it that is so effortless, but just adds this touch of femininity.  

Styling them has become really versatile, so you can inject a scarf multiple ways into your current outfits. Wear a scarf the typical way tied around your neck, or even better, add it to your handbag, wrist, and even your hairstyle to add colour or print to your outfit. Especially for someone like myself who tends to have a pretty neutral toned wardrobe, something as simple as a scarf will add depth and personality. Buy one for the fall season, and you'll definitely get your use out of them for the next few seasons to come. 

Shop the Looks 

And there you have it, three accessories that could be easily updated or added to your current wardrobe. Leave me a comment below about which trend in accessories you're excited for and if you've purchased anything interesting lately! 

Note: This post is not sponsored. 
All images can be found on www.mango.com

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