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LFW Runway Report: The Must See Collections

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Fashion month continues, and London definitely did not disappoint!

The attention has moved onto London, as designers shared their latest collections for the Spring and Summer seasons. What I love about fashion month is that each location brings its own unique presence and clear perspective of what they consider 'stylish'. If you think of London and its role in fashion, it leads me to think of the introduction of the trench coat and menswear as it is the birthplace of strong lines and well tailored pieces. But, London also has an edge. It’s also the hub of rock n roll, specifically the punk rock movement. This means heavy metals, leather, and a tough attitude. All of these qualities can still be found in the fashion industry and inspiring the runways. 

I think that’s why London Fashion Week speaks to me on a deeper level. New York Fashion Week is more based on contemporary and modern designs, but London holds onto its roots. I consider my ideal personal style to have this push/pull relationship between classic and well tailored pieces and edgier items in leather and dark prints. I would throw on a beautiful blazer and pair it with combat boots, because that’s how I’ve always been, and when I looked through the new collections for LFW, it spoke to my own personal style. 

Again, I wanted to share the collections that stood out amongst the rest. 

So, let’s get into the fashion! 

All photos from http://www.londonfashionweek.co.uk

Collection #1: Eudon Choi 

I had never really heard of this designer before looking through the different collections, but I am so happy that I found him! Eudon Choi is known for creating pieces that combine aspects of masculine designs with a touch of femininity. Looking at the collection, you can easily see the menswear inspiration in elements like the blazers and jackets that had a boyish fit in the shoulders and in length or in the trousers that had a baggier fit. The feminine details can be seen in the fabrics chosen for some of the designs like luxurious silk. Details such as a slit in skirts or the use of belts around the waist to create more of a hourglass shape (especially for the more oversized designs).  

The pops of colour like orange and yellow along with neutral tone plaids play up the current trends and gives the collection more of a “spring” and cheery feel. 

The Bottom Line is…. This collection is for the modern woman who doesn’t need over the top designs. She is confident and strong which is expressed through her choice of clothing. 

Collection #2: ALEXACHUNG 

I feel like I already had a bias before looking at this collection, which was that I knew I was going to love it. Alexa Chung is a fashion it girl with a sense of style that screams London. It’s masculine, but still sexy, and has an edge while still being soft and wearable. Together she is the perfect dichotomy of the fashion world and that is completely represented by her 2019 S/S collection. 

From black slinky dresses, to power suits in nude tones, the collection touches on the current trends that consumers are already loving while still nodding to her obvious vintage inspiration. The dresses from fit, print, and details like the matching neck scarves screams vintage 70s, while the addition of suits with strong well tailored pieces creates sets and separates that have a more modern feel to them. Even the colour palette of warmer neutrals mixed with shades of Burgundy and berry tones and pops of mustard and burnt red perfectly represents the inspiration behind the collection.

Collection #3: Victoria Beckham 

This may be Victoria Beckham’s year. Celebrating 10 years, her brand has really developed a clear point of view and has a stand alone presence in what she imagines her client wearing. When you think of Victoria Beckham, you think of a strong woman who is posh in her lifestyle choices which can be seen in luxurious fabrics and designs that make women feel confident. This collection does not disappoint! As always the collection was well tailored from the jackets, to the dresses and trousers, everything about the collection was true to who Victoria Beckham is in the fashion industry. 

Especially in the all white look, she was able to play up both strong components like the jacket with a boxier fit, and something more sensual and feminine like the lace camisole that had an additional lace detail around the model’s neck. Another aspect of the collection which was noticeable was the amount of layering. Models were walking down the runway wear both dresses with well fitted trousers underneath or simply like the outfit above, layering crisp tailored shirts and trousers under sweaters and coats. 

The Bottom Line….Victoria Beckham knows what she does well and this collection proves that. 

Collection #4: Burberry 

One of the pillars in British fashion has a new chief creative officer and you can see this reflected in the brand’s turn to a direction I’ve never really seen from Burberry…. And I’m obsessed with it! We all know Burberry for its classic pieces like the trench coat and really creating more of a streamlined and ‘classic’ image of its perspective clientele. Well, I’d say things are going to change, and the brand needed some shaking up. Even the looks which seemed more like traditional Burberry, the details say something different. From the addition of more metal into the trench coats and the chain hem of the trousers, as well as the re-introduction of Burberry’s monogram which could be found in shirts and throughout the collection in various different forms. Even in the smallest of details like the addition of a belt buckle adds something more modern and plays to the ever growing trend of logos. 

Other looks from the collection stepped further towards something edgier and inspired by street style such as models wearing bulky hoodies layered over tailored pieces like shirts and skirts. The pops of bold colours like red are of course on trend, but done in a luxe shinier material with metal detailing is something that is normally not seen by Burberry. The collection found a way to combine the well tailored and clean cut fabrics with bold logos, pops of red, and elements that were edgier and are going to be extra popular for street style. 
How will this translate for their regular clientele? Only time will tell for that, but I personally love to see a brand go through an evolution and take on a new aspect of their identity. 

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