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Friday Favourites: Top Handle Small Bags

Friday, August 10, 2018
Photo from Harrods.com

I'm a sucker for a new bag, especially when they come in such a cute size!

I've decided to move my #FridayFavourites from my instagram stories to my main platform. Here, you can get more detail on why I chose the item or trend as well as be able to directly shop some of the styles I share in today's post!

This week's favourite: top handle small purses. 

Anybody who knows me knows that I usually opt for the biggest purse possible. I'm one of those people that usually likes to travel with a small pharmacy, hair salon, Sephora, and grocery store in my bag. If you need a snack, first aid, or even the simplest of things like an extra hair tie... I'm your girl! But this past year I've made it a personal resolution to cut down on the amount of things I bring with me which ended up becoming an excuse to buy some new accessories. 

What makes top handle bags my Friday Favourite is the versatility when it comes to styling them. Whether its with a casual jeans and tee look or part of a more elaborate outfit, top handle bags are a classic style that works with just about everything. Opting for a smaller size will even give you the opportunity to use these bags for a night out!

Designer Finds

If you have the $$$$ to spend and are looking for some pieces to add to your collection I have the perfect set of handbags for you! 

Photo from Harrods.com

There's something about the Nile bag that has had my heart since I first saw it last summer season. Now with this print for the upcoming Autumn/Winter collection, the Nile continues to be a go to handbag for all fashion lovers. The metal detailing of the bracelet like handles with the simple leather strap if you wanted to wear it as a crossbody gives it added versatility. Even though it is printed, this bag could easily be worn with a variety of outfits. 

Photo from Harrods.com

Unlike the bold print on the Chloe Nile bag, there's something classic yet still modern about Gucci's latest collection of handbags. This top handle is a white leather with curved snakeskin print and their monogram canvas print in the centre. A key element is the Swarovski embellished feline right in the forefront of the bag. Together you get a blend of classic design with modern elements like the addition of animal print which is a massive trend for the upcoming season. 

Affordable Finds

As great as it would be to buy one of those designer bags, for the rest of us that want to get the trend without going bankrupt, I have a few choices for you too!

Photo from Aldoshoes.com

With similar elements like the Gucci handbag, ALDO is providing you with an affordable top handle bag that will complement your current and future wardrobe. With a classic chain strap, the bag will also have the versatility to be worn as a crossbody. With the dark pink leather, snakeskin print, and metallic detailing this purse encapsulates the key trends of the fall season! It's those feminine details that make this purse the perfect option for your next purchase. 

Photo from Zara.com

The final bag is in one of the statement colours of the next few seasons; Fuchsia. The bold colour will make this bag a statement for any outfit, but the simple designs features don't overpower it. The silver metal closure with a chain handle and strap are classic design features that will keep this bag in your closet for not just now but in years to come. 

There's something about buying a new purse that just doesn't compare to the rest of a wardrobe....okay well maybe shoes. Either one just leaves you feeling like you're a changed woman and that you have your life together because of the fabulous new addition to your wardrobe. 

As promised, I've linked the handbags above and have included even more options for you to browse and shop!
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