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Maintaining my Eyebrows: A Complete Guide to how I grew them & what products I use to get the Big Brow Look

Friday, June 1, 2018

Who would have thought an entire blog post would be dedicated to my eyebrows, but after many of you complimenting them and their shape, I wanted to share my brow story of how I achieved these larger than life brows. 

As much as we love to place the focus on pretty eye shadow palettes or lipsticks, you would definitely agree with me that without eyebrows we would all look somewhat strange. I have always been lucky to have larger brows, but like many of you my eyebrows have gone through some bad phases in life. Throughout my teen years, my eyebrows basically disappeared from my face due to a bad wax experience and my little to no knowledge of how to use tweezers. I wanted anything but bigger brows, and then the bushy brow trend grew in popularity and really hasn’t left. 

Everywhere in magazines, websites, beauty products, etc. it’s all about achieving that naturally full brow. They really are the anchors that frame the rest of your features, so I can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of them, but also learn which products work best. 

My Brow History 

Like I mentioned above, when I started high school, I was teased for how big my brows were. Yes they were little unruly, but I never really had an issue with them. After a few comments from other girls in my class, I found myself become self conscious over how big my eyebrows were, so I went home and decided that I was going to take care of it….and that was my first mistake. 

My brows became overly separated as well as lacked a smooth arch shape and more of a pointy arrow look. Funny enough, not one person made a comment about how bad they looked so I just went with it and that was how I “shaped” (more like ruined) my brows for the first few years of high school. 

Then came the wax incident, where I trusted somebody else and it turned into me having no eyebrows. I literally went from a youthful face to aging 10 years thanks to my eyebrows which were paper thin.  

This brings me to my 3 tips when it comes to your eyebrows. 

Tip #1: Don’t Trust just Anybody with your Eyebrows 

If you know that you can’t shape your own eyebrows (which is most people), then find someone you trust and know will do the job properly. Even though there are popular trends when it comes to how people want their eyebrows to look, everyone’s shape is unique to their own features. The person who will be shaping them must then be able to look at your features and give you exactly what you want. Look for an aesthetician or someone with specific experience, who will be able to offer you the exact service you want. 

After my situation, I decided that for me the best option was to learn skills that would allow me to shape my brows how I want. Of course it takes practice and some mistakes here and there, but at least then I know I have the control over how my face looks. 

Tip #2: Swallow your Pride and go through the Ugly Growth Phase 

In my final years of high school, I decided I would let my brows go through a growth phase. Luckily I also recently had my hair cut and styled with front bangs, so no one could really see what was going on under there. 

Since then I still allow my brows to go through phases where I don’t touch them for a few weeks (even months if needed) so they can grow back and be reshaped. Usually if there is an important upcoming event, I will take a break from the tweezers and let my brows be so they can grow. 

Obviously this isn’t the prettiest process, especially if there is a lot you want filled in. However there are some ways to hide it or distract people from it. I was lucky that the biggest regrowth was done when they were covered with bangs, but if you don’t have bangs then you can use makeup like your foundation or concealer to hide those new hairs and work with a brow product to help shape them better. 

As unpleasant as it can be, I know now that it was worth the messy eyebrows for a few weeks to get the brows I have today. 

Tip #3: Have the Right Tools 

This is by far one of the most important tips I can offer to you when it comes to taking care of your brows. Just like you would spend the money on skin care or makeup brushes, you need to invest in a quality pair of tweezers. 

They don’t have to be extremely expensive, but a pair that are sturdy and are shaped in a way that will allow you to maneuver and remove with precision is an absolute must! 

Another tool that I always make sure to have is a pair of brow scissors. These are great for those hairs that are just too long or are pointing up weirdly from the rest of your brow. That way you’re not removing the root of the hair which could lead to bald spots, but you’ll get a sharper and more precise look. 

How To: Shape Your Brows 

Shaping my brows depends on what exactly are my needs. If I need to quickly remove a few sparse hairs, it takes me less than 2 minutes to do so. However, when I am looking to reshape or fix the shape of them, then there are a few more steps. 

1) I normally do my eyebrows after I take my shower. The warm water and humidity from a shower will open up your follicles and make the process easier and less painful. 

2) Before I remove any hairs, I use a lighter brow pencil to lightly trace the shape I am trying to achieve. It’s easier for myself to visually see what type of shape I’m aiming for as opposed to blindly removing hairs. Majority of us will use some form of brow product anyways when doing our makeup, so it only makes sense to me to know what the final shape is. 

3) I try to remove as little as possible. The biggest mistake you can do when shaping your brows, is to go overboard with plucking. I’ll remove any really dark hair that is completely out of the shape I’ve traced as well as use the brow scissor to trim any hairs that are slightly longer or partially out of the shape. 

4) Using an eyebrow brush, I brush my brows to make sure I’ve removed everything and that they are following the shape I want.

5) I’ll finish with a cool cloth over them in case of any possible irritation. 

Products I Currently Use

Your brows have been shaped and you’re generally happier with their appearance, but you’re still wanting something bigger or fuller. In these cases, even for myself, I will use a eyebrow makeup to fill them in or further define them 

Brow Pencil

This is probably the most natural option when it comes to makeup. Similar to an eyeliner, you can use this pencil to fill in any bald spots or to slightly define the outline of your brow shape. I enjoy using a pencil to create shorter strokes that appear more like little hairs. Swipe your brows with a brush afterwards to blend it all and you’re set.

One of my favourites: L'Oreal Brow Stylist Definer

Brow Pomade 

This is definitely for those who like more coverage and want something less natural, but more defined. You can still make it appear somewhat natural, but since this a pomade the consistency will be thicker than a pencil. Similar to a gel liner, the pomade is applied with an angle brush and will offer you extremely defined lines. If you’re looking for the Instagram perfect brows, this is the product for you!

One of my favourites: Ardell Brow Pomade

Brow Gel

This is the easiest way to control your shape without having to add too much product. Brow Gel is applied using a brush that disperses product to keep your brows in place. I consider it the equivalent to hair gel, but you can get this in transparent or tinted (depending on whether you need the extra coverage). I only use this if I really need to keep my brows set in their place, personally I find this product can be difficult to remove and can often lead to brow hairs getting stuck or removed accidentally when you are cleansing your face. 

Like anything you want to use as little product as possible when it comes to all 3 of these options to maintain your natural brow shape and just focus on filling in where you need. Otherwise you can easily get carried away and end up having two large rectangles on your face. 

And there you have my complete guide to my eyebrows and the tips and products you need to up your brow game! 


  1. Wow! I love your brows! Great tutorial on how to do it on myself ;-)

  2. Your brows are super gorgeous hun! I love them. I'm so happy you found your way back to loving them too. Thanks for sharing your tips <3

  3. Wow! You look lovely. I don't know that I have ever thought that much about my brows. Fantastic tips.

  4. While reading this, the first thing that came to mind was:
    "I gotta show this to my girlfriend." :D
    She frequently talks to me about how to correctly shape your eyebrows without messing things up (even though I don't do them), so she's definitely gonna like this.

    Keep up the good work Shauna!