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Style Remix: Being A Realistic Fashion Blogger

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I consider myself to be particular when it comes to what items are added into my closet.

When I buy something new, my intention is to wear it more than once. I previously discussed the importance of building a capsule wardrobe and that’s because it has the ability to be used in a variety of ways. When I think of my audience (yes you!), I think of the average consumer and what you’re interested in. Which means buying staple items that won’t be used only once and thrown away. I really try to stay away from anything that is disposable, mostly because building a wardrobe around strictly trendy pieces cannot be sustained for more than one season or year at most. 

One of my favourite bloggers Victoria, the creator of In The Frow, does a segment on her Youtube channel called “Style Remix”. The basic premise of it is that she will take a few of her favourite items from either the past season or from last year’s spring/summer collection and then restyles them using some newer items she recently bought. It’s refreshing to see a successful and popular fashion blogger taking pieces from past seasons and finding ways to bring them into the new season by pairing them with on trend clothing or wearing the items in a different way. 

This made me think of the current trends in fashion blogging, specifically the idea of “hauling” multiple new items every few weeks. Now of course, many are gifted products as part of a collaboration with different brands, but I still think it’s important to give you ideas of how to re-wear items in your closet. Like you, I scroll through Instagram / Pinterest / Blogs / Magazines to find inspiration when I’m in the mood to shop, but lately I’ve been loving posts that give me a creative way to wear pieces I already own. Because let’s face it, some times buying new clothes is not always an option for one reason or another. 

This brings me to my OOTD. If you recognize a few items in this look it’s because I’ve own all of these pieces for over a year. Head to toe, this look consists of pieces that I’ve previously purchased that I’m remixing to create a look that’s current and on trend. 

OOTD: Dress Over Jeans

I really didn’t understand the concept at first, but the look is the perfect way to transition into warmer months by layering pieces in a whole new way. Originally I purchased this dress for my trip to New Orleans, but since then I never really found a time after that to wear it. After seeing some inspiration online, I thought why not give this look a try. What I love about this is how interesting the outfit is. The easiest way to try this look is to wear a shirt dress and make it more of a shirt as opposed to a traditional looking dress. This is because a shirt dress allows you to choose how much of it is buttoned up. It creates a blend of contemporary and boho chic to your everyday jeans. 

As someone who loves wearing denim, especially these specific boyfriend jeans, with time it almost seems like you’ve worn every possible combination with them. Getting stuck in a style rut of pairing jeans with obvious choices like graphic tees or blouses, and layering them with various blazers and jackets can often lead you to think you need something new. That somehow buying a different pair of jeans will magically change how you feel about your wardrobe.

What a “style remix” forces you to do is to take what you currently have and think outside of the box. Would I ever thought I would wear this shirtdress with jeans, probably not, and to be honest when I first put this look together I really wasn’t sure about it. But the more I wear it, the more I love it. 

As a blogger who focuses on stye & beauty, there are these misconceptions that you have to have a never ending wardrobe. That you have to continuously buy new clothing to stay relevant. Well I can tell you that I have created an entire outfit with clothes I have previously owned. As great as it would be to have a never ending closet, it’s not reality. Great style doesn’t come from owning over 100 pairs of jeans or buying every newest trend that is released. Great style comes from HOW you wear those items. 

Someone interested in fashion should have a creative approach to their style, as you develop your own personal taste. You don’t need to buy every trend that gains popularity. If you build a closet filled with strong basics and items that suit your personality and shape, then it is how you style them that will change everything. 

If you are on the market to buy trendier items, I would look to your accessories. For this specific outfit, the accessories are generally all recent purchases. From the gingham sandals to the crossbody bag and cat eye sunglasses, this is where you can “modernize” your look. Chances are when trends change or your personal taste shifts to another look, you won’t feel as bad giving up on a pair of sunglasses as you would for a whole section of your closet. 

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, your style is personal to you. It’s normal to look outwards to find inspiration, but I know with that, I can easily get caught up in this feeling of having to continually own something new. That hauling a bunch of new purchases will make me more stylish. What many people don’t realize is that those who inspire us (bloggers, models, etc.) are most of the time being given clothing for free. They work with brands to provide their audience with the newest releases constantly because those brands know they have an influence over you. Reality is, the average consumer isn’t buying a new wardrobe every season. It’s finding those newer elements to update the capsule pieces you already own. 

So why not try a style remix? Let’s see what interesting looks you can create from the pieces you already own!

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OOTD Details

Jeans: H&M (Similar Here)

Dress: H&M (Similar Here)

Shoes: Zara 

Bag: Marshalls 


  1. You have great taste in fashion. I love this outfit.

  2. I absolutely loved your post, I resonate with it so much! While my closet is pretty well stocked, I never buy for the sake of just adding something new. Plus, I love challenging myself to find as many combinations as possible for one piece, I think that's quite fun.

  3. I really loved this post. I completely agree and often find myself feeling like I need to buy new clothes to keep up with trends - especially with apps like 21 buttons on the rise where you can only really tag new items! I’ve always been one to love re-wearing old clothes though so it’s nice to know another blogger feels the same. This look is stunning by the way!

    Elle x