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A Gift with a Personal Touch: Finding your Perfect Wedding Gift with GLO

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and love is definitely in the air. Wedding season has arrived!

It’s that time of year where you might find yourself with multiple weddings to attend over the next few months, and as exciting as it may be to celebrate love, finding the perfect gift is not an easy decision. I feel like I might be one of the few, but the thought of just giving money seems so impersonal. I know it’s the reality and for many couples it’s also the easiest option, but I still feel like I need to give them something special. 

Whether you’re a guest to a wedding, in the wedding party, or even the bride, finding the perfect gift that says all the things you want it to say almost seems impossible. Everything in stores just seems ordinary; a pretty picture frame or set of champagne glasses, but you’re like me and want something unique. Something that is going to leave the person speechless and you will forever be remembered for this wonderful gift. 

wedding, spring, flowers, beauty blogger, fashion, ootd, personal style, feminine, Montreal

Well, I have the answer for you. I recently was approached by the brand, Gifts Less Ordinary, to have a look of their website and review the products they offered. I gave the website a look, preparing to find the usual kinds of things one would give as a gift, and to my surprise I found some really unique pieces! 

What makes GLO stand out is that majority of the products they sell can be personalized, and not by simply monogramming initials. They do sell more traditional options, however the gifts that I wanted to share with you are all super unique and will be a standout amongst the rest!

wedding, spring, flowers, beauty blogger, fashion, ootd, personal style, feminine, Montreal

The Gifts for the Couple that will have an Everlasting Impression 

What we are all trying to find are gifts that will act as reminders of their wedding day, one of the happiest days of their lives. Sure a picture frame is nice, but how about we thing outside out the box. 

A wedding memory case is not just a cardboard box in your closet with the word “Wedding” written across it. This is a beautiful case that can be apart of your home decoration that will hold all of the precious elements from your day. Whether that’s your veil, invitation, your written vows, all of those moments will be protected in this white leather case. To make this gift even more personal, there is the option to add a travel tag to the case that can be embossed with your initials or a special date written in gold. 

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Not to play favourites, but this is probably my favourite gift idea in this post. This gift is unique, thoughtful, and will forever be adored by the happy couple. Why not commemorate the beautiful day with a line illustration of the couple’s wedding venue. Simply send a photo of their location and a black and white illustration will be created. The image will also be printed with your choice of text written below it. The drawing can be framed by GLO so you won’t have to worry about anything. 

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Something “New” for the Bride

The next gift is the perfect “something new” for the bride. A personalized storybook wedding bouquet locket has the appearance of a storybook on the exterior with floral detailing on the front and back. Then when opened, the message will be written on reclaimed British Cherry Wood which are set in the 24K gold plated brass locket. The message itself will be written in calligraphy style font. The locket comes with a white organza ribbon so it can easily be attached to the bride’s bouquet so your message will be with her throughout the day. 

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Smaller Gifts that will still be a Huge Hit

With most couples asking for monetary gifts, these smaller options would be perfect as an engagement gift or as an additional present to give on the day of the wedding. 

The first gift is perfect for a couple moving in together or already living together. Whether it is used every day or simply for those special occasions, this personalized glass chopping board can be personalized with any title, name, date, or place. 

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This last gift is perfect especially if you know they are heading to a hot location for their honeymoon. This gift screams the perfect instagram shot for the couple that likes to have fun while celebrating their recent marriage. These white beach towels are personalized for the newlyweds, the Mrs towel with spots and he Mr towel with stripes. These towels are sold in a set of two and will be a fun memory that could be used for years after their wedding. 

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These gifts I’ve shared with you can all be found on GLO’s website. I hope you found this post helpful as the wedding season begins to pick up. If you’re stuck and looking for a gift for any occasion, not just for weddings, Gifts Less Ordinary offer gifts for babies, mother’s day, father’s day, and even for birthdays. Something with a personal touch says that I wasn’t just thinking of you, but that I wanted this gift to be just for you. 

You can find all of these products on giftslessordinary.com 

This post is sponsored by Gifts Less Ordinary 

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