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Transitioning To Spring / Summer: Why I’m not Giving up on my Boots just yet

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

When I saw these boots on ALDO’s website, I knew I had to have them (or maybe it’s because I have no willpower when it comes to buying new shoes).

I have this problem where no matter how many times I tell myself I don’t need another pair, I just can’t help myself. There’s something about buying a new pair of shoes that brings me a joy that really can’t compare to anything else. Sure I get excited over new makeup or even a great fashion find, but when it comes down to it all, it’s shoes over everything else. I really do believe that some of my best outfits have started with a great pair of shoes. When I think of my style evolution, I used to commit to a certain style for a long period of time. In high school it was all about the ballet flat. The era of Gossip Girl and having my own school uniform almost made it mandatory to find as many ballet flats that I could wear. Then there was the early years of college and I definitely only wore combat boots. Two pairs of Doc Martins and many other versions of them later, the last few years have been less shoe specific. Looking back, I spent a lot of time in ballet flats because of the fact that I was self conscious of my height. Being naturally taller than most people, I almost didn’t want to wear anything with a heel out of the fear of appearing even taller. I considered a heel appropriate if it was for a special occasion but I would have never worn a heel on an everyday basis…until I fell in love with ankle boots.

ootd, fashion, ALDO, H&M, ZARA, fashion blogger, street style, over the knee boots

My obsession with ankle boots grew as I became more confident with wearing a heel, and now I pretty much live in them. In my mind, every outfit looks better with even the smallest heel. The added height just finishes off an outfit, even for us taller girls. Now when I put on a heel or ankle boot I just feel in command. I’m ready to take on the world thanks to my love for ankle boots which ended up creating a need to own every possible boot that exists. And this is how I ended up buying these beauties. Whether you’re looking for something casual or to dress up an outfit, there’s a boot for you. The over the knee was always a style I loved from a distance. Again, it seemed too gutsy for me, but here I am wearing them and I am so in love. They are the ultimate boot that embodies femininity, confidence, and even some edge all in one.

ootd, fashion, ALDO, H&M, ZARA, fashion blogger, street style, over the knee boots

Whenever I’m on the hunt for a new pair of boots, my one goal is to find something that is interesting. Especially when I think of my own personal style, I’m always looking for a pair of boots that would add a unique touch as the rest of my outfit is pretty minimalistic. It allows me to come up with easy everyday looks while still feeing fashionable and on trend. Unsure of what to wear? Find a basic tshirt, a pair of jeans, and statement boots and you have a complete outfit. Right now thanks to this weather that seems undecided over whether it’s still winter or if we’re really free from the cold and heading into the spring / summer, dressing for everyday is bait of a guessing game. The solution for me is to cover all bases, therefore I’m dressing for two seasons. 

ootd, fashion, ALDO, H&M, ZARA, fashion blogger, street style, over the knee boots

ootd, fashion, ALDO, H&M, ZARA, fashion blogger, street style, over the knee boots

Styling Over the Knee Boots

This is probably my favourite way to style over the knee boots. This look is pretty casual, and the boots are really the focal point of it. I love the idea of wearing OTK boots with skirts of different lengths. Since we should be entering warmer temperatures, I opted for a shorter skirt. Layering one of my favourite sweaters with a trending piece of this season; the loose fitting trench. The outfit is simple, colour blocking solid shades of neutrals, but the addition of the boot with the interesting heel gives a whole new vibe to the overall look. If I wore this outfit with a pair of loafers it would have been classic & feminine, the OTK boots give it a modern twist that is more current. It just shows that with the right footwear, you have the ability to transform your wardrobe in a whole new way. 

ootd, fashion, ALDO, H&M, ZARA, fashion blogger, street style, over the knee boots

ootd, fashion, ALDO, H&M, ZARA, fashion blogger, street style, over the knee boots

Finding the Perfect Statement Boot 

When shopping for a statement boot, there are different elements I look for. Whether it’s adding metallic embellishment, an interesting heel, or even bright eye catching colours, there are plenty of versions of statement booties. At the moment, majority of my boots have a small feature which make them unique. Whether it’s a metallic heel like these boots, or gold plating near the toe of the boot which you can see here. I also love boots with really feminine details for example, these ankle booties from Zara that have a sparkly bow on the front of the boot which you can find here.  These are all great examples of how to find something interesting without going crazy. Because the base of these boots is black, I don’t see myself getting rid of them any time soon. I would definitely suggest owning a pair of black boots in different styles, and if you’re like me, find some personal touches that add interest. 

What I’m hoping to buy are boots that are more vibrant, like a print or a bold colour. Especially for ankle boot, as you are able to wear them in more than one season, I really want to step out of my fashion comfort zone. I’ve included below some  ideas of what I consider to be a statement boot. These boots range in price, but are all great sources of inspiration for your next shopping trip! 


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