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One Year Later: The Lessons I've Learnt After One Year of Blogging

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
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One year ago, I was nervously contemplating if I was going to hit publish and share my first ever blog post.

In reality this wasn’t my first kick at the can. I had tried being a strict beauty blogger, but that wasn’t going anywhere. I was left feeling unfulfilled but still dreamt of what life would be like if I could even for a second be as successful as Aimee Song (Song of Style) or Victoria Magrath (In The Frow)…and that’s when I clicked publish. Blogging for the past year has definitely been a rollercoaster of an experience. Not every post was a success, there were months I felt uninspired and doubted my work, but no matter how much I doubted myself I just kept on writing. There are definitely some moments I am very proud of, and I use those small ‘victories’ as a reminder that this is only the beginning. I remember the first day of shooting pictures, I couldn’t pose for the life of me. I was embarrassed of what people would think of this weirdo taking pictures in front of buildings. People would walk by with this look on their faces as if they were trying to figure out if I was just a really enthusiastic tourist or a model wannabe. With time its become almost second nature to strike a pose even with a crowd. To think a year has passed and in the process of creating this little universe I call Belles Reveries, I’ve learnt a few things… 

spring, style, blogging tips, Montreal, forever21, H&M, Zara, ootd, fashion, street style, fashion blogger

~ Believing in Yourself is half of the Battle ~ 

Like I said, it was nerve wracking to just hit publish, I never thought I would actually be gutsy enough to share this with strangers let alone people I actually know personally. The first couple of posts I felt like an idiot. I would continuously question why anyone would even want to read a blog when videos on Youtube and podcasts are really the cooler option for finding content. Then came the thoughts of what people would think. Dealing with judgment is something I think less of now, but when I started all I was worried about was what other people would think of me. Sharing personal thoughts and my ideas with the world seemed like a huge risk to me and in the end I’m proud and ultimately thrilled I did it. Starting any project whether its a small business, or even sharing your talent with the world can be terrifying, but what got me through it was constantly believing in myself and my dreams. I know blogging is a saturated market and there are hundreds (even thousands) of other blogs that are out there sharing the same type of work as I am…but I believe that what I bring to the table is unique. Self doubt is probably the number one dream killer. Throughout this year I’ve had many moments of doubt and the easy route would have been to quit and move on, but I’m done playing safe in this game of life. This sounds like it’s been taken from a Disney movie, but when in doubt just take a moment, reflect, and force yourself to believe that it’s possible.

~ Find your Inspiration, but don’t become Someone Else ~ 

Looking back on the first few posts, they lack so much personality and more importantly my own individual point of view. The biggest mistake I made was taking an inspirational blogger and allow them to become an influence of how I created content. I wasn’t using my unique individual voice and because of that my first few posts just seemed boring. Since then I still have my handful of bloggers who have made a huge impact on my life (I will link their pages down below), but what’s different now is that through them I’ve discovered more of who I want to be as a blogger. From the types of posts I write, to even the style of writing itself, I know who I am and I’m working hard to share my true personality now with all of you. 

spring, style, blogging tips, Montreal, forever21, H&M, Zara, ootd, fashion, street style, fashion blogger

~ Write about what you’re Passionate About ~

So this seems obvious, but in the current climate of online personalities from bloggers, vloggers, gurus, and influencers, it’s easy to get lost in the battle of becoming popular fast. The race to either upload the next photo or video to go viral is seen everyday all over social media and for awhile that seemed like the end goal. To “make it” as a blogger was the equivalent to shooting a viral photo or writing a blog post that gets thousands of views. This is probably the worst way to go about creating content. Nothing is genuine when all you’re trying to do is outdo everyone else. If you’re constantly worried about what everyone else is doing, opportunities to grow and build are going to pass you by. The few posts for me that have gained a huge amount of feedback / popularity have all been posts that I’ve sincerely enjoyed writing. Everything from fashion posts like my post on sweater dresses or lifestyle posts that are fitness or reflective  have all been posts that in the process wrote themselves. I wasn’t trying to use key words or trendy topics, but instead come from a place that is genuine and depicts who I am and what I want to share with you all. Without trying I succeeded more and grew more of a following. It pays to be genuine and throughout this year I’ve learnt that I only have to be myself and stay true to my point of view. 

spring, style, blogging tips, Montreal, forever21, H&M, Zara, ootd, fashion, street style, fashion blogger

~ Photography has held Me back ~ 

The first assumption people normally make when it comes to blogging is that it’s just an excuse to take pictures of yourself and that in a way it doesn’t take much work. Shooting photos for a post can take up to anywhere from 20 minutes to over a hour. Depending on what I’m shooting, if there are multiple looks for one post, and external factors like weather which is unpredictable. This has probably been my biggest struggle for blogging. Writing has always come naturally (for the most part), but finding the time and people to go out and shoot photos is pretty impossible. I’m really lucky to have a close circle of friends and family who have taken on the role as photographer, and the results have varied. This is all apart of the learning aspect of growing and improving at something, but it’s really frustrating to know I hold only so much control when it comes to photography. Although I’m grateful for all the help I get, there have been frustrating moments when the photos just aren’t happening. Like I said, the current market for bloggers is pretty saturated so in order to stand out, there needs to be strong photography. No pictures don’t need to be taken on a digital camera since cameras on smartphones can be easily compared to them, but capturing the perfect photo is beyond important. It creates the visual landscape for what you have written and above all it’s what will first draws someone to either visit your social media page and even read your content. I’ve recently purchased a tripod and other equipment that will allow me to take my own photos, so with some trial and error this might be the next step in further developing and growing my content. 

spring, style, blogging tips, Montreal, forever21, H&M, Zara, ootd, fashion, street style, fashion blogger

~ Keep Going ~ 

This is by far the greatest lesson I’ve learned throughout the past year. When plans fall through and you cannot shoot photos or you feel like you’re just not getting anywhere… keep going. In the past year I’ve taken two long breaks from blogging and both times were needed. I was reaching points where I was feeling defeated. In those moments I felt like I wasn’t good enough and in the process found myself envying those who were either becoming successful or were already there. I was no longer inspired and it’s then that I know I need to take a step back and regroup. The easy way out is to blame it on things you can’t control, when in reality I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough to keep going. Instead I was using excuse after excuse and my one goal for the next year of blogging is to stop letting myself get to this point. You have to keep going, you have to find another way if the current situation isn’t working, and you just have to keep trying to do your best. Because, what I’ve learnt is that you’ll never really know if you had the ability to achieve your dreams/goals if you didn’t give it your all. 

So that’s one year done and dusted! One year of lessons and growth. Looking back I wasn’t thinking this would actually be a longterm thing, honestly after my first few posts, I wasn’t sure I would even make a year. If you’ve read every post, just one, or simply browsed my page, I thank you for taking the time. The views, collaborations, and attention might have been a motivating factor when I first started but now I’m doing this more for myself (no offence). I’m writing content I enjoy and I hope in this process you’ve been able to connect and relate to my words. Receiving your messages either in the comments or from social media remind me why I started this crazy idea in the first place; I love to write. If I can inspire even one person to go for what they want then I’m a true success in my eyes.

spring, style, blogging tips, Montreal, forever21, H&M, Zara, ootd, fashion, street style, fashion blogger

spring, style, blogging tips, Montreal, forever21, H&M, Zara, ootd, fashion, street style, fashion blogger

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Photography: Ania Swiercz (using Samsung Galaxy S7)


  1. Writing what your passionate about is such an important point and the number one piece of advice I would give to new bloggers. I started off writing about topics just because they were popular and that meant my posts lacked personality.
    Aleeha xXx

  2. thanks for sharing.
    I have started blogging recently, and your post was a great motivation for me.

    1. Oh I'm glad! Thank you for the comment :)