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Out with the Old & In with the New: Tips on How I keep my Closet Organized

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I consider myself to be an organized person, and then there’s my closet. 

It’s almost like no matter what I do, this open concept wall unit just never seems to be tidy. There’s nothing worse than walking into your room, to see clothes rolled into balls and thrown into different sections. It’s a reminder that no matter how hard I try, I don’t really have my life together. At the beginning of a week I really focus on keeping my wardrobe neat. I wont toss my bags all over the place or when I’m trying on different outfits, I place back whatever I’m not wearing in the exact spot I found them. Somehow in the mix of running around and keeping up with my schedule, my closet looks like a tornado has passed through it. What was once organized looks disheveled and I end up spending most of my morning trying to find the exact item I need. Even though it seems like the seasons here in Canada are never going to change, the beginning of spring always brings about a need to clean and get rid of whatever I don’t need anymore. I'm sure a lot of you could agree with me that your closet probably needs some TLC. After the long winter of bulky sweaters amongst the existing pieces from last year can leave your closet over flowing with items that you haven't seen since the summer. I figured what better time to share my tips for staying organized and ways to get me back on track. Because let's face it, being an adult isn't easy and having a disorganized closet will only make your life even more difficult. 

I hope you keep reading to find out that three strategies work best for me when it comes to keeping your closet organized!

Three Tips

“One Item in, One Item out” Rule 

Before I had my current closet, I definitely did not have enough storage for all of my clothes. I think it’s fair to say that I enjoy shopping and as much as I would want to hoard everything in my collection, it just isn’t possible. In reality, I would have to turn my entire bedroom into a walk in closet for that to work (and don’t think I haven’t thought about that before). When I got my new wardrobe set, I soon realized that I owned a lot of things that were impulse purchases and never wore or items that I just forgot I even bought. After noticing this trend every time I would have a clean out of my wardrobe, something had to change. I heard of the one item in, one item out rule and thought I could never part with that much clothing. But, after using this rule for the past year, I’ve realized that not only has it kept my wardrobe organized, but it has also changed the way I shop. The basic idea of this rule is that whenever you make a new purchase, an older item from your closet has to be removed. That way you’re never going past the limit of your closet and you’re constantly aware of what pieces exist in your collection. Now when I shop, I’m aware of what I already own which helps me make better decisions to find suff that will compliment the rest of my wardrobe, so I'll never buy anything I’m unsure of because something will have to leave my current wardrobe in its place. This means that for every season, I know exactly what I currently own and more importantly, I've actually worn those items more than once. It’s also a way to keep my collection of clothing up to date since I’m no longer hoarding items anymore. 

Doubles are for Basics*
*Shoes not included in this*

One of the habits that I used to have was owning a lot of items that looked exactly the same. I would have multiples of trendier items that would end up in my give away pile at the end of that year. When I’m shopping, it’s important to know what trendier items you’re interested in and which basics you need for upcoming seasons. Owning doubles or multiples is great for basic items because they can be worn multiple ways and with other basics or trendier pieces. I try to only buy one item for each trend, because the chances of me wearing that in the future is minimal. It's also important to have those investment pieces, which are normally more expensive pieces, but will withstand more than one season. Investment pieces are normally classic pieces that will always be in style and elevate your overall wardrobe. In my opinion, when organizing your wardrobe, majority should be made up of basics or investment pieces that you can wear time and time again. Then add in a few trends for each season to compliment the rest of your wardrobe and keep it fresh with whatever is in that season. 

Looking for Ways to Restyle

Versatility is a quality I really strive for when building my closet. I used to be that shopper who would buy something knowing I would only wear it once or a certain way. With time I would get bored of it or wear it once for a specific event, only to never wear it again. Based on my previous two tips, you want to be a smart shopper. You want to really think how certain items will fit in with your current wardrobe. One thing I like to do when trying on new items at a store is to see how many ways I could wear it. That way when I add it into my closet, I already know which ways I could stye it. There should obviously be more than one way to wear it, but ideally I try to aim for at least 3 ways. I like having a wardrobe that doesn’t have to be worn one way or can only be categorized as one style. My style fluctuates depending on my mood or  what's inspired me lately. Therefore, new pieces need to be able to do that too, otherwise they're not worth purchasing. 

Now let's face it, there are still going to be clothes that last one season and even if I applied these strategies, there's always the possibility that if I like a certain trend I'll buy more of it or simply purchase something because I just "have have it". I mean, I'm human and more specifically a human who loves fashion. It's not about depriving yourself or confining yourself. What's important is that you build a collection that if someone else were to see would know for a fact it belongs to you. Don't just get caught up in what other people are wearing or what's trending in magazines, instead it's about building your personal style and a collection of clothing and accessories that reflect who you are. 

I hope these three tips helped and let me know in the comments below if there are any other strategies you follow when organizing your wardrobe!

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