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Current Makeup Favourites: Spring into the New Season with a Fresh Beauty Look

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A new season, a new makeup look, and of course some new favourites!
 When it comes to shopping for makeup, for the last few months I’ve been sticking to drugstore products.It’s incredible how these brands we’ve grown up with like L’Oreal, Revlon, and Maybelline have transformed and created products whose quality is comparable to high end brands (and even luxury products). I’ve really enjoyed using these products and it doesn’t hurt to save a few dollars and still look great! Right now, it’s more than possible to create an entire makeup look while staying on budget and have results that could easily be mistaken for more expensive products. Whether you’re someone whose looking to save a few dollars or you simply just enjoy using these brands, the drugstore should definitely not be overlooked for their incredible range of products. The last time I wrote a beauty favourites post, it was back in November! I won’t lie, since then I have been a little lazy when it comes to keeping up to date with new makeup trends or even trying new products. For a while, I got used to using certain products which were a mix of both drugstore and high end, but in the past few weeks I’ve made some new purchases and I really wanted to share with you all my thoughts on them. It’s a short list, but there are some new releases as well as cult favourites which I am enjoying. 

How to find the Best Products from the Drugstore 

When shopping at the drugstore it’s easy to get swept up by what’s on sale or let’s face it the products with the most appealing packaging, but there are a few ways to know exactly what to buy so you not only get the most for your money, you’ll get the best results from it. 

Don’t Settle on one Brand 

This goes for anything, but don’t ever get stuck in a rut buying from only one brand. I, like anyone, has my favourites, but it never hurts to try something different. Now I get it, you find a foundation that works beautifully or this specific brand always has amazing mascara, bottom line it’s easy to get comfortable with your makeup and for a long time this was the mentality, especially when it comes to drugstore makeup. A few years ago, if you went to the drugstore, there were only a few brands which were popular and you would normally buy from one and stick with that one. Now there are so many options to choose from! New brands are constantly being introduced into the drugstore as well as online companies whose pricing is easily comparable like BH Cosmetics or Colour Pop. 

Look up Products Online - Reviews, Tutorials, and Wear Tests 

Honestly I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Youtube watching beauty gurus and influencers. Anything from hauls, first impressions, or product reviews are the best way to see whats new in the world of makeup and more importantly what's worth going to buy. Like I said, there's more than enough options when it comes to inexpensive makeup, but that doesn't mean everything is worth buying. Personally, I rather watch a video where you can see how a product applies then just read a two sentence review on a brand's website. These gurus and influencers are avid makeup lovers and many have a background as makeup artists. Their job is to try products and give their honest opinions, so why not use this as a shopping resource. 

Now Let's get into the Makeup!

Instead of just including product photos, I thought it would be better to see these products in action. I love wearing makeup that brightens my features and just looks fresh and ready for spring! Obviously I used more products such as brows, blush, concealer, etc. but for the purpose of this post I wanted to share only my current favourites. 

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Let's start with the base of every look. If you remember, I shared my struggle with foundations in my last beauty post (here). At the time, I was finding it difficult to not only find a foundation that wasn't oxidizing, but also one that wouldn't cause my skin to break out. Anyone who pays attention to the beauty world would know that this is a cult favourite for many influencers and gurus. The foundation itself is called matte and poreless... talk about everything you could want in a medium-full coverage foundation! I was so committed to my other foundations for so long, I never bothered to give this a try, and I really wish I had sooner. I consider this a favourite right now because the coverage is buildable and with the right primer, this foundation glides over your skin. Also, I've worn this for hours and I've even used it for dance shows and this baby lasts! (Granted I won't wear any makeup without using a setting spray). Overall, if you're looking for a full coverage foundation, this is a great option! 
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Bite Beauty Lip Pencil

Okay so I know this might not be a drugstore product, but guys it's a favourites post and this is more than a favourite. It's a ride or die lip pencil. I was originally sent this product to try and at first I wasn't that wowed by the colour. A few weeks later I gave this product another try and I don't know what past Shauna was thinking. The formula is creamy and so comfortable on the lips. The pencil itself glides and the shade is a perfect match for me as I can pretty much use if for any colour. I really love using a lip liner since it helps define my upper lip, creating the appearance of a fuller pout. I have no complaints about this lip liner because even if the lipstick fades, the liner will not. Now to buy it in as many colours as possible!
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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour 

Another lip product, surprise surprise. I think by now majority of you have realized I have a lipstick obsession, especially when it comes to nude / blush pink shades. You can just never own enough nude lipsticks, because every single one is different in some way haha! I actually discovered this lipstick last year. What I really enjoy about this product is the consistency. Unlike other liquid lipsticks, this product won't dry out your lips. Now a downfall is that this lipstick doesn't dry down completely so as much as it is comfortable, it will transfer and fade after a while. Depending on what your preferences are when it comes to lipstick, this one has a similar consistency to a traditional creamy lipstick, but just comes in the form of a liquid lip. 
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L’Oreal Voluminous X Fibre Mascara 

Now onto eyes and I'm sharing a product which I've actually already discussed and shared with you all both on this blog and over on my instagram. The two step process is great for using on your own lashes as it adds both length and volume. For someone like myself who doesn't have the best lashes, this mascara has been a lifesaver! I won't go into detail too much since I've already gushed about this product enough, just know I love it and it's the only mascara I'm using right now.
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Kiss Blooming Lashes 

Last but surely not least, this is not a usual product I wear on an everyday basis, but who doesn't love some extra drama for their lash line. These lashes are fluttery, wispy, and just oh so beautiful on the eye. As someone whose only just started using falsies (very very rarely), clear bands for lashes are a girl's best friend. Combine the clear band of these lashes with clear glue and you can screw up and still manage to have decent looking lashes. Are they a little long for everyday wear, probably, but these lashes are definitely being added to my competition makeup bag and maybe even if I'm feeling even more extra with my beauty routine on those random days. These are lashes for dummies and I'm here for it! 
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And there you have it, my current beauty favourites and here is the final look! I hope you enjoyed this post and leave a comment below of what you're loving right now. 

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