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What's in my Sephora Cart: Skincare Edition

Friday, January 19, 2018

Originally when I sat down to write this blog post I was going to continue the topic of what’s trending in beauty when transitioning from 2017 to 2018.

I looked at what I currently purchased as well as what I was adding to my Sephora cart and realized there was a clear pattern. Near the end of 2017, I really started to gain an interest in my skin and taking care of it. I’m not sure if it was that I realized I was getting older or simply because I generally enjoy those no makeup days, but I want my skin to look its absolute best. Don’t get me wrong, I love buying new makeup, but reality is that nothing is changing right now in the beauty world. Everyone wants the glow with beautiful lashes and lipstick that wont dry out your lips. Even if you love a heavy makeup look, generally speaking you still want those three elements. Instead of showing you a bunch of neutral warm toned palettes with some high shine highlighters, I want to give some more attention to our skin. If you follow me on instagram (you can find my account here), you would have seen that lately most of my posts have not included my full face. This is because I was fighting a bad cold over the holidays which led to many nights where I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I also enjoyed all of those holiday treats which unfortunately led to breakouts. Never mind the fact that we have also been experiencing a deep freeze here in Canada, so I spent most of my days trapped indoors with no fresh air and lack of sunshine. All together my skin looks tired and dull. 

Now with the holidays over and finally feeling like myself again, I really want to spend the extra time getting my skin back to its healthy looking self. I thought sharing what’s in my Sephora cart would be a fun way to share with you some of the new products that I’ve been interested in. I’m sure most of us right now are looking for ways to brighten and hydrate our skin and I’m happy to share that my cart has five products in total from a variety of brands all for under $150. I thought it would also be great to get some feedback from you all, so if you’ve tried any of these products leave a comment below. I would love to hear your experiences and whether or not this product lived up to its promises!

 All of these skincare products are from Sephora, which means they are more expensive than what you would find at the drugstore. If you’re looking for budget friendly and inexpensive options, I had posted my current drugstore skincare favourites as well as my current routine. You can find that post here

Now let’s check out what’s inside my Sephora cart! 

Cleanser: Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub

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All skincare routines need to start with a good cleanser. It really is the foundation of your routine to get rid of any dirt or makeup before adding on different products. When shopping for cleansers, I will be honest that I look for one that has a refreshing smell as well as cleansing my skin without drying it out. This cleanser has two roles where it works to clean and boost the brightness of your skin as well as acting as an exfoliator to help unclog pores. What I loved about this cleanser is that it contains natural essential oils from grapefruits, lemons, and spearmint. According to Sephora, this cleanser works for all skin types which is great for somebody like me who has combination skin. This product was rated a 4.5/5 on Sephora’s website which is a very high rating and generally most people found that it was gentle to use everyday on their skin leaving it feel refreshed. 
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Exfoliant: Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Face Exfoliant 

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The next product is not 100% necessary as the cleanser previously mentioned already has the ability to exfoliate your skin, but if I have any problem it’s that my skin tends to have large pores that can get clogged with dirt. Especially in certain areas like around my nose and forehead. This exfoliator is for normal to oily skin so I would really use this more for specific zone of my face. It’s formula will work to smooth out the texture of your skin, absorbs any excess oil that may exist on your skin, and regulate the production of oils so your skin is more balanced after using it. This product was rated a 4.7/5 which is nearly perfect and most people who have tried it felt that it really cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling smooth. 
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Toner: Boscia Facial Tonic

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A skincare product that I don’t currently use is a toner. Back when I was on that Proactive kick in high school, one of the steps was to tone the skin. Now I stopped using Proactive because it was burning my skin, and that deferred me from using skincare products for a long time (because I though they would all just burn your skin). What intrigued me about Boscia is that their formula for all of their products is free of preservatives so their products will not have any parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes. Toners can be rough on your skin, but this one claims to also regulate excess oils without causing any dehydration in the skin. This product was rated 4.3/5.
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Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Intense Hydration 

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At the end of a routine, it’s so important to moisturize the skin and replenish it after using all of these products. This moisturizer has been named a cult favourite and can provide long term hydration to the most distressed skin (even those suffering with eczema). This cream was rated 4.6/5 and many people felt that it provided quick relief to the worst of dry skin for both face and body without feeling heavy. 
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Mask: Sephora Pomegranate Sleep Mask

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A nice addition to your skin care routine are masks, especially for those days when you might need a boost. It’s an easy way to bring some extra TLC to your skin. I chose Sephora’s own brand of face masks which come in individual packs. The mask that caught my attention is the Anti-fatigue and Energizing Pomegranate mask. This mask will awaken and tone your skin to reduce any appearance of fatigue. This step is even easier to do since it’s a sleeping mask, just go to bed and wake up with plump skin! This specific mask was rated 4.2/5.
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Like I said, the total of this Sephora basket was $145! A basket filled with wonderful brands that will give you the perfect regimen to start the New Year with brighter and happier skin. Please don’t be shy, let me know if you’ve tried any of these products below and what your experience was with them. Also let me know which of these you would most likely buy for yourself (if you don’t already own it). 

Please note that all photos here have been found via Sephora.com. No affiliate links were used in this blog post. 

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  1. I also always skip toner, I am going to look into the one that you suggested :)