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Trend Talk: What's still hot for 2018?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2017 had many fashion moments.

I’m claiming it to be the year of where being extra was no longer a joke, but almost a necessity for fashion lovers. Give me the most dramatic statement earring or knee high boots that are literally covered in crystals (thank you Chanel). Funny enough, 2017 was also a year that I found many bloggers and influencers wearing minimalist inspired outfits. The focus was placed on the art of layering textures and tones, and investing in those luxury buys. So in a way 2017 was a year of wear whatever makes you feel 100. I mean, not to be judgmental, but people were wearing tiny sunglasses that didn’t really protect your eyes from the sun (and apparently that's not going anywhere). Anything was possible in 2017. Let’s not forget that Balenciaga bag that looked awfully similar to an Ikea shopping bag… Again no judgement, because it was 2017. Personally, I enjoy where fashion and the concept of personal style has really taken off. No longer are we all trying to dress exactly the same, individuality is a power which should be displayed in our style. Whether you have a strict look or you like to dabble with different vibes, there’s something out there for just about everyone in stores. 

With 2017 coming to an end, I started to wonder where 2018 was going to take us. What would be the staple items of every season? Would we still be obsessing over the same items that are currently filling our closets? And if 2017 was the year of anything goes, how wild will 2018 be? I don’t know if it is only me who thinks this way, but with a new year comes this need to clear out the old and replace it with everything new and fresh. Reality is, we can’t always restock our wardrobes completely so which leads me to the purpose of this blog post. I wanted to start the year off writing about a topic that made me start blogging in the first place; fashion and more specifically what’s trending. 

Ideally, when buying pieces to add to your closet, you want to choose items that were either just being introduced at the end of last season as well as looking for modern versions of classic shapes that will carry you through the years/seasons. Like I said before, there was a trend with many bloggers who would layer different texture and tones as well as combine high street items with luxury items. The best dressers, in my opinion, are the ones who are able to wear not just expensive designer labels, but are able to combine and mix and match. For the purpose of this post, I looked at various stores both luxury and high street to shop what trends can be found across the board. From there I looked for different price ranges of specific items which are generally “on trend” every year in some form or another. These items are known as investment pieces. These are the items that you could make the commitment to spend $$$$ and have it pay off for you in the years to come. I also based my choices on the wear test, which simply means how often you would wear these pieces and how versatile they are in comparison to how much you spend on them. The pricier items that I mention in this blog post are items that you will be able to wear day in and day out for pretty much any occasion. 

Onto the trends! 

Bold Stripes 

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Prints are always on trend. Other than the popular floral trend, many brands were releasing bold stripes. Pops of colour, large in size, and attention grabbing. The stripe trend is continuing and its only getting bolder. Whether you’re looking for a traditional black and white stripe or maybe your New Year’s resolution was to add more colour into your wardrobe, there is a bold stripe for everyone. Even though this is a trend that is still relevant in 2018, I wouldn’t invest too much as prints change as well as our taste can change with time. If you’re bold enough, I would definitely go for this trend completely and try a head to toe jumpsuit like this one here from TopShop. The loose blouse fit at the top with the wide leg and narrow vertical stripe will be figure flattering and  creates great lines (no pun intended). I’ve also linked some other looks that play up the black and white stripe. 

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Textured Biker Jackets 

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The biker jacket had a huge update this past year thanks to mixed textures. No longer are we only wearing leather, but mixing leather with shearling, or completely stepping away from leather with a full suede look. For the cooler months, we even saw biker jackets being done in full shearling in an oversized fit to keep you warm and stylish even on the coldest of days. This is definitely an item that will always be on trend somehow. Whether it’s the traditional cropped leather look, or an updated version, the biker jacket is universally flattering and will add some edge to your wardrobe. I included an investment piece that is beyond gorgeous. This Saint Laurent biker jacket is fully suede that would be a perfect item to wear in the spring or even layered with heavier knits in the fall. The colour of this jacket is what makes it versatile for different seasons. If you’re looking for the trendier version of this item that’s hot right now, definitely opt for a high street version. But, if you want an item that will carry you through different seasons and could elevate your basic white tee and jeans, then invest in this beautiful YSL jacket.  

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Midi Length Skirts 

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Part of my fashion resolutions for this year is to keep trying different items to further expand my wardrobe so it grows with me. Now I love skirts and dresses, but I think we can all agree that there are days when you just don’t want to wear a mini or above the knee length skirt. Especially those skirts that ride up as you move…. for somebody with already long enough legs, I really don’t need my skirts losing length. The midi length can be worn in multiple ways. It can be dressed up or casual, feminine or edgy, and worn throughout all seasons. I consider midi skirts to be an essential part of a wardrobe as it gives you enough length to feel comfortable, giving you another option other than jeans or trousers. For a simple midi skirt, try this one from Mango. It’s made from a cotton fabric, which will transition easily from seasons to season, and like being styled here it works beautifully with knitwear and ankle boots. For spring, I would change the footwear to a strappy kitten heel shoe with a loose fitting blouse. Now an elevated version of the midi skirt is this Max Mara skirt (linked below). It's pleated with a delicate floral pattern. Again, this skirt could easily transition through the seasons just by changing footwear and adding more pops of colour for the spring and summer months. This with a beautiful blouse and heels would look ultra feminine perfect for wedding season. 

Trench Coat 

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Lastly, the trench coat. I mean, I don’t think I need to explain why this is an investment piece. Season after season, different adaptations to this classic piece are seen strutting down runways and can always be found in stores. One of my favourite updates to the trench has got to be the “soft finish”. These jackets appear oversized thanks to the soft fit that drapes over the body. The silhouette this jacket creates is more contemporary thanks to the looser fit that is slightly tightened at the waist. Also the use of colour updates the look of a trench, giving it more personality and versatility in your current wardrobe. A good test to see if an item of clothing could be considered an investment piece is if you could wear it with the most basic of items i.e. white tshirt and jeans. If you’re looking to invest in a trench coat, but still want a statement piece, I would highly suggest this cropped Trench from Alexander McQueen (linked below). The cropped fit with pleated back and details like the belt and buttons make this coat ultra flattering. It creates a shape while highlighting your waistline, and still has elements similar to your traditional trench coat. 

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And there you have it, my top trends to transition you from 2017 to 2018. I’ve linked all of the items throughout the post so be sure to check them out. Also, comment below what trend from this list you already own and which one you would be willing to try! 

Please note that all images were credited to the stores. I also did not use any affiliate links in this post.

Happy Shopping! 


  1. That leather jacket is the best!! These are great girl!

    1. Thanks hun! Yeah that jacket is a dream!! (*cue heart eye emoji)

  2. Oh that biker jacket, I hope it never goes out of style.

    1. Same here! I don't know what I would do without my biker jacket!

  3. I went through a huge trench coat phase in college but I realize I don't own one now as an adult! Must rectify!!

    1. I did the same, I owned one when I first started University but got rid of it... I really need to find a new one because they just look great with everything!