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Haircare 101: The No Frills way I’ve kept my Hair looking Healthy

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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There’s something about a haircut that makes you feel like a changed woman. Even the simplest of cuts with minimal change can freshen up your look and make you feel like you could take on the world. 

In the past, a trip to the hairdresser meant my hair was going to experience a massive change, to the point that I would basically have a new identity. From long dark locks with a fringe, to a cute bob, and those highlights I rather not talk about, my hair has gone through it all. With that has come years of damage and multiple products to maintain whatever look I was wearing at the moment. This cycle with my hair lasted up until my last years of university. You see, like most women, my hair was apart of my identity and acted as a shield to protect me from those self-conscious feelings. It helped boost my confidence. I’m sure if I were to ask you the last time you had a really good hair day you could tell me the exact date, what you were wearing, and other random facts about your day. Those good hair days go down in history as those moments when you leave your house, strutting to whatever beat you’re listening to, and thinking “damn I wish I could see how great I look right now”. They’re pivotal moments in life where the sun is shining, the bird are chirping, and everything seems right in the world.

haircare, short hair, tips, beauty, beauty tips, head & shoulders, beauty blogger, Montreal

Like I was saying before my tangent, I went through a cycle of change with my hair for a long time, until my last years in university. I was no longer dying my hair to appear darker or blonder, I wasn’t taking hours trying to combat my natural wave, and for once I was just letting my hair grow. Something was different, I was different. Behind the years of trying to adapt my look to what I thought I had to look like, I finally started just being okay with myself. As my light brown/ auburn hair colour started to peak through and get lighter with time, my hair just kept growing. I always wanted really long hair, thinking I would appear like a mermaid, but the reality was not so magical. My hair was losing its thickness and started appearing flat. So I cut it. Not because a certain celebrity or model cut their hair or because I wanted to attain a specific look, I was just ok with no longer being known for my long hair. For the first time, I went to the hairdresser and wasn’t told how unhealthy my hair was. I wasn’t being sold a deep moisturizing conditioner or various serums that were supposed to help my hair. For once I was told how naturally healthy it was. And just like that my long hair was gone (and to be honest, I never see myself having long hair ever again). There was a point to this post and that’s me discussing the haircare routine that gave me healthier hair (although it’s kind of a stretch calling it that). I also wanted to share with you some of the best tips that I’ve learnt from past mistakes I’ve made so you can all achieve your best hair day. 

haircare, short hair, tips, beauty, beauty tips, head & shoulders, beauty blogger, Montreal

The good ol’ wash and condition routine. 

That’s right, my hair care routine is based solely on shampoo and conditioner with maybe 1 or 2 other products (if I’m feeling it). To be even more realistic and unapologetically boring, the shampoo and conditioner combo is from a brand that is mom approved. Back in the day when I was doing everything wrong with my hair, I was one of those people that believed in the multiple steps in the shower. Applying different masks and deep conditioners which didn’t seem to do much other than making my $$$ disappear. On one of those random occasions when I ran out of my shampoo, my only product I could use to wash my hair was in fact Head & Shoulders. Who could forget that blue weird smelling shampoo that everyone’s mother bought because it always seemed to be on sale. It’s pretty much the opposite to what most people would think I would use (since I seem to be extra in all aspects of my life), but it just works! I love how my hair feels after using this. The most important thing is that it feels clean. I am not a fan of resorting to dry shampoo to prolong my hair, I enjoy clean hair. Most importantly, my hair feels hydrated without being weighed down by those heavy goopy conditioners. I currently use one of their newer releases which is the Dry Scalp Care with Almond Oil Shampoo and Conditioner (which you can find here!). Like the rest of my body, my scalp can get extremely dry, especially in changing seasons and climates, so this prevents any gross flakes from appearing. I can go 2-3 days without having to wash my hair or use dry shampoo and my hair doesn’t get overly greasy or lose its volume. After I shower, I will use a detangling spray, specifically L’Oreal Nutri Shimmer Shine Detangling spray (purchase here)  with a mix of another old favourite L’Oreal Kids Detangling Spray (purchase here). I know, a kids detangling spray, but it smells incredible and it has always worked! The combination of the two adds extra shine to my hair and prevents any knots from happening (since my hair does have a slight wave to it). These three products are all I need and all I have been using for the last few years and it has made a huge different to my hair. 

haircare, short hair, tips, beauty, beauty tips, head & shoulders, beauty blogger, Montreal

Here’s my hair wisdom… 

If your skin needs “no makeup days”, your hair needs a break too. 

What I’ve learnt is that less is definitely more (over time) when it comes to your skin and hair. It’s a great marketing tool for those hair brands to release multiple products to achieve something you could do naturally by just putting down the blow dryer and flat iron. I get it, we constantly want to change up our look or maintain whatever vision you have for your hair, but giving your hair a break throughout your week will allow it to build up the natural oils it needs to maintain balanced moisture as well as prevent hair from drying out, which leads to limp looking hair with split ends. On the occasion that I decide I’m going to style my hair, I try to keep it at a minimal. After a period of having frizzy hair, it currently dries fairly straight naturally so I can usually get away with not having to use a flat iron for my whole head. I also like to use a curling iron in (strategic) sections to add volume with loose waves. I never use a blow dryer unless I’m in a hurry, and most importantly, I won’t consecutively style my hair day after day. Most of the time I take whatever style I had the day before and use it for a second day look. 

haircare, short hair, tips, beauty, beauty tips, head & shoulders, beauty blogger, Montreal

What you eat can affect your locks. 

No your family is not lying to you, eat your veggies and drink more water! When you eat healthier and drink mostly water, your body is getting the necessary nutrients it needs which will make significant changes. Stepping away from junk food and unhealthy drinks has made my hair fuller, shinier, and it even grew faster. Please don’t buy into those hair vitamins or think there’s a secret tea or whatever products instagram is selling you to grow stronger and healthier hair. There’s no secret, you need to fuel your body with healthy natural products and I can promise you, you’ll see a difference with time. 

haircare, short hair, tips, beauty, beauty tips, head & shoulders, beauty blogger, Montreal

When in doubt, chop it off. 

My last tip is more of a tool to self reflect on. Ladies if you spend most of your time with your hair in a ponytail or bun, and you hate spending hours on your hair. Cut it! I’m not saying you need a pixie cut, but the longer your hair is the more nutrients it needs to stay healthy. After going through high school with a hairdresser who was little too scissor friendly, I vowed I would never have short hair again. I wanted my hair to be as long as possible, but in reality I was tying it up all the time, spent hours styling it so it looked like something, and no matter how much conditioner I used my hair was not having it. I reached my limit, and decided it needed to be cut. I went to the extreme and went for a bob, but shoulder length hair can achieve multiple styles and is still long enough to tie up no problem. By having shorter hair, it naturally appears thicker and doesn’t need as much TLC as long hair does. If you’re debating whether to cut your hair or not, search online for styles that would compliment your face shape and hair texture and just go for it! Cutting my hair has made my life so much easier to maintain it with minimal care. 

haircare, short hair, tips, beauty, beauty tips, head & shoulders, beauty blogger, Montreal

And those are my three tips for achieving healthier looking hair. I must admit that I don’t worry as much about my hair. I wanted something that was going to be easy to manage and still look good. There’s no secrets about how I take care of my hair, and what I’m learning is that the healthiest hair doesn’t need a 10 step process in the shower to look good. 

Leave in the comments below what products you love using to take care of your locks and if you would ever take the plunge and chop it off! 

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