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Taking Time to Reflect: Here's to 2017, the Year of Change

Friday, December 22, 2017

This week has probably been one of my busiest while I get everything ready for Christmas! It’s crazy to think that we’re already talking about Christmas and New Years, but I am so ready to enjoy every moment of the holidays surrounded by loved ones.
This week is my final week of blogging for 2017, so I wanted to end the year with a fun post! In the meantime, I also have to stop procrastinating and finally get around to wrapping my Christmas gifts, as well as get my baking started. I absolutely love this time of year, spending a whole day singing along to Christmas music while I bake my three go to cookie recipes. I’m talking about gingerbread, shortbread, and the classic sugar cookie. Unfortunately, this year I am also dealing with a lovely cold. Congestion, sore throat, and exhaustion have really put a hold on my plans for my final posts of the year. My solution to the problem is to simply highlight some of my favourite moments from 2017. I think most of us can agree that 2017 was a year with ups and downs. It’s really easy nowadays to get trapped in the constant negativity that surrounds us either within our own circle of family and friends, or by simply watching the news. There were many changes in my life which had its highs and lows, but overall I feel like I am my strongest and happiest that I have ever been. 

Not that I was ever in a bad place in the past, but this year just feels like the start of something new. This year forced me to step out of my comfort zone and not allow myself to just go through the motions of life. In the past I would have been too scared of not fulfilling what I thought I had to do. Those internal and external pressures, that in reality don’t exist, but create this need to become what you think an “adult” is. Continue your education so you get a well paying job, to then move out, have kids, and just live your life as a responsible adult. Well I wasn’t happy anymore. I didn’t want to get another degree just so it can sit on my wall. I didn’t want to a pursue a job whose only redeeming quality was financial stability. What I wanted out of 2017 was to live my life doing the things that make me happy. To focus on the things that I’m passionate about and see what my potential could be if I would just take the leap. 12 months have passed and let’s just say that next year is going to only push me to work harder to make my dreams a reality!

From January to June of 2017, I was waiting to begin what I thought was the next chapter of my life and well if you read my birthday post back in August (you can find it here), you would already know that program didn’t end up working out. So like most people in this position, I felt lost, confused, and ultimately unsure of where I was going to go. When the new program fell through, I made a commitment to myself that this was not going to be seen as a negative, but as the opportunity to reach a long time dream of mine. 

In the past, I always felt like I could never reach my full potential as a competitive dancer. My strength and perseverance with competitive dance started later on in life. When many reached their peak in their teens, I wasn’t with the right coach nor did I care as much as I do now. The difference now is that I absolutely love dance. It’s almost an addiction. When I’m not at class, I’m dreaming of my dances or tapping along to the constant songs in my head. Instead of comparing myself to others and constantly creating excuses for myself, I started doing it for myself. I started working so that I was better than what I was the day before. The 24 hours in a day allowed me to work and train as much as I could to perfect my technique. After months of continuous training, I had one of my best competitions and being as close as I ever was to reaching the ultimate goal. What this year made me realize was that if you can dream it, you can achieve* (the key being you work your *** off day in and day out). I was also able to be at my healthiest and focus on my training so that I could perform at my absolute best. Dance also gave me the opportunity to travel all year and create unforgettable memories. 

In one year not only did my look change three times, but I changed as a dancer and athlete. 

Now as for blogging, I had always loved to write and I grew interested in creating a blog. I dabbled in some minor beauty blogging beforehand, but in the end I just felt like I couldn’t continue to commit. I took some time off and really told myself that if I wanted to go into blogging, I had to be 100% committed to what type of content I would write as well as I who I wanted to be as a blogger. My goal was not to become just another influencer that has thousands of followers on social media. I wanted to be a voice in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle niche. From the hundreds of girls who know how to just take a photo of an outfit or product, I wanted to be the person who knew more than that. 

I gave myself a deadline to come up with a blog name, theme, and few posts. Over the past few months, my blog has grown with me. It’s followed me on the trips I’ve taken and has become a way for me to explore more of who I want to be. It’s more than pretty pictures in outfits or me discussing lipsticks, this blog is part of my identity now. Writing was no longer just a skill that I’ve refined since high school, it is now a way for me to express myself and share my thoughts. I have also been able to work alongside a brand and make new connections with other bloggers around the world which has helped me become a better writer and content creator. 

So what are my hopes for the future? Nothing too extravagant, I simply just want to keep building from where I am. Creating content that I enjoy as I continue to learn the process of how to become successful in blogging. Of all aspects I want to improve on, it would definitely be photography. You learn as you go, so I’m still learning and I know it can always get better. As for dance, the plan is to all keep building and that’s by challenging myself physically. Stepping up the difficulty in my training and choreography is what is going to push me further. For life itself, the goal is to only pursue what brings me happiness and joy. In all elements in my life, I only want to grow as a person and be the best version of myself. 

I am forever grateful for the continuous support I have from family, friends, or anyone who takes a time to read my work, but even if no one was reading my content, I would still be proud of the work I have created this past year. These are new skills that I am learning about everyday. The future goals and opportunities for me and Belles Reveries are limitless because this blog is going to only continue to grow and develop. In my mind, creating this blog felt like a big risk. Deciding to share it with the world was an even bigger risk, but looking back on the past 9 months, I don’t for a second regret taking this step and putting myself out there.

Here's to a New Year!

What are you most proud of from 2017? What are your goals for the new year? 
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  2. I loved to read this post. Keep up the great work.
    Have a fabulous 2018 my dear.

    Love, Esther

    1. So sweet of you to say! Thanks hun

      Have a happy New Year! x