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Shine this Holiday Season: Affordable Beauty Look

Friday, December 8, 2017

Real talk. The last few months have been chaotic in the sense that I spent a lot of time in workout clothes and my hair in a messy bun running from training session to dance class. 

Those captured moments for the blog were only a spec of my day, as majority of it would be in my comfies writing blog posts and working on other projects. The reality of this blogger is that a lot of my time is extremely unglamorous. When the holidays roll in, it’s a time for me to not just spend time at home watching Christmas movies, but also go out and catch up with friends and family. A chance to relive old stories and discuss all that has happened in the last few months while enjoying some food and of course cocktails. With this opportunity comes the getting ready for such events. First comes deciding the outfit which can be challenging, but then comes the difficult makeup and hair decision. I’m sure many of you can relate that with time we become creatures of habit. Opting for the barely there makeup or leaving your hair straight and untouched. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nude lip and cat eye just as much as the rest of us, but sometimes it just feels good to try something new. Fear not, this blog post is dedicated to makeup that will suit any event during the holiday season. My goal throughout the season is to use products that are affordable, since many of us are spending $$$$ on Christmas gifts and those “treat yourself” discounted items thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

The Look 

When trying a new makeup look, it can be a daunting and stressful process as you try to not make yourself look like a hot mess. When I am looking to be creative with my makeup, I look for inspiration either from Instagram or Pinterest. With the millions of beauty bloggers and makeup artists out there, the possibilities are endless when experimenting with makeup. To make the process less stressful, I try to keep the base of my makeup as my usual routine. This means that my skin is glowing in all the right places with perfect brows, and slightly contoured for definition. Since this is a glam look, I wanted to create a smokey eye with a complimentary lip colour. I’ve really been loving jewel tones, especially for the holiday season. The look I decided on is a deep purple smoky eye with a champagne pink highlight to blend with the nude pink lipstick. This look for me is perfect for a Christmas party at your work, a dinner party with friends, or for any of the family gatherings you may have over the next few weeks. The smokey eye brings the glam, but every other aspect of this beauty look is really simple and can work for different eye looks. 

Now let’s breakdown the products I used and how I used them!

Products Used 


My inspiration for this eye look came from the beauty influencer Valeria Loren (you can check out her page here). What I really loved about this eye look is how it wasn’t your average purple smokey eye. Most smokey eyes with purple shadows will use cool toned silvers to blend, which personally do not compliment me. I really wanted to bring some warmth to this look, so I loved how the purple was blended with warm tones of oranges and browns. The palette I decided to use was one that I previously purchased from BH Cosmetics. This palette has neutral tones mixed with deep purple and berry shades as well as some warmer tones. Needless to say, this was an easy decision to use this palette for my eye look. I first found BH Cosmetics thanks to beauty gurus on youtube, and I was so surprised to find quality makeup that was also affordable. I’ve purchased eye palettes, highlight palettes, and brushes from there, and I have never been disappointed by them. To create the look I used the burnt brown and copper shades to build up my crease. Then combining the deeper and muted purple tones I darkened the inner and outer corner of my eyes and then applied the muted purple shade all over the lid. What I am really enjoying right now is the barely there liner. Opting for little to no liner takes away the stress of ruining your entire eye look as well as stepping away from the makeup trends that were popular last year. This look is dark and smokey, but I don’t find it harshens my features. 


Any holiday makeup look has to have some sparkle, so I’m bringing the glow with another BH Cosmetics product. This highlight palette has four shades whether you enjoy more of a champagne or rosy glow and then the bronzed glows (which are incredible for the summer months). Using a small eyeshadow brush I precisely placed this highlight at the highest point of my cheekbones, the tip and bridge of my nose, inner corner of my eyes, and the brow bone. It’s a minimal amount, but placed in an effective way so when the light hits, you have the perfect glow. 


I think we all know by now that I love a good nude lipstick, I mean who doesn’t. For this look though, I wanted to step away from the usual nude and bring some colour to my lips. Since I was looking to keep all of these products from the drugstore, I opted for my favourite drugstore brand. L’Oreal has some of the highest quality drugstore products. From the luxe packaging to the quality of the product, it is worth every penny. Generally, I like to stay away from matte lipsticks since my lips are already dry thanks to the cold weather. I went with the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lip Paints in shade Spicy Blush. It’s a go to for me and the warmer pink tone just complements that purple smokey eye beautifully. 


I always finish off my makeup by applying mascara. Lately I’ve been enjoying Revlon’s newest mascara the Mega Multiplier. I crave length and volume, and what I enjoy about this product is how the brush is able to grab every lash. With a couple of swipes, my lashes definitely appear fuller. If I really want to add some length (without falsies), I usually have to combine this mascara with another one, but since this is a heavy eye look already, some extra volume is all I need. 

And that’s my holiday beauty look! I really love the simplicity of my face makeup as I focused on a slight contour and bronzed cheek with some blush from my eye palette. With a bit of highlight, your face makeup is done. This basic face makeup gives me the extra time to focus on my eyes and really play up this feature. Finish with a glossy lip and your party look is ready to go! With a quick change into your outfit and a pair of super holiday approved earrings, you’re ready for a night out! 

Let me know in the comments below what your plans are for the holidays and if you’d be willing to step out of your make up box! 

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