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Christmas Gift Guide: 20 items for those who are lost and unsure where to start

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ah Christmas. Shining lights, a big tree, and all of the yummy treats one could think of. There are so many great things about the holidays, we often get wrapped up in all of the happiness and excitement and then find ourselves missing some gifts.

 No matter how organized we may be going into the season, there always seems to be that one gift or one person who slips our mind. Cue stress overload. You start running around town, looking in every possible store, and fighting through the crowds of late shoppers only to come home empty handed and in much need of a holiday cocktail. Don't be that person that just ends up giving everyone a gift card, be the person who finds the perfect gift! Since this is Belles Reveries' first holiday season, I wanted to share some of my gift ideas. Whether you're looking for the last stocking stuffer or the perfect gift, I have come up with a list of 20 items! I tried to look for products that would give you ideas or even be the perfect fit for just about anybody (even if you want to treat yourself).

If you're shopping for someone who doesn't seem to fit any specific category, there are certain gifts that are almost always a go to. I'm talking about those items that are meant for relaxation. Anyone who is on the go constantly or always puts others first deserves some time to be pampered. Now it would be easy to give a gift card to a spa, but like I said, it's less about the gift and more about the thought that goes into it. I've come up with three possibilities that would be perfect for the person who loves to relax or maybe for someone who needs to relax more. 

Gift Ideas for Relaxation 


Candles are an easy go to item that is perfect for just about anyone in your family or circle of friends. If you're unsure where to start, a candle can be the perfect small gift or starter item to build on.
Expensive Option:  Jo Malone Candle 
Affordable Option: Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candle 

 {Spa Gift Set} 

Those gift sets that combine various bath products in a delicious smell can easily turn anyone's bathroom into a spa getaway. It is more personal than a candle, but is still easy to do as most of these gift sets are put together by stores already. 

Pre-made examples: 
Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Set  

Take it a step further and make a gift set yourself using a variety of scents to show that you put more effort into this gift idea. 

{Luxurious Pyjamas}

Who doesn't love comfy and soft pyjamas that you could lounge in all day. There are many stores that offer great options if the person enjoys cozier items or more luxurious fabrics like this set I found.

Next is a section of gifts that are for the readers and writers in your life. One of my favourite gifts to receive are journals or novels. A journal is always perfect, whether you use it to reflect or to organize your thoughts. Giving someone a journal or anything to write in will constantly remind that person of you whenever they go to use it. Similar for a novel, finding the perfect book is a difficult task, but sharing either one of your favourites or something with a special meaning behind it will reflect in how the person experiences the book. A special touch for either a journal or book is to write a personalized message inside. It will only add to the meaning behind the gift and what you may hope they get out of this journal or book. 

Gift Ideas for the Creatives


There are many different types of journals that currently exist, and each serves its own purpose. Depending on who you are giving this journal to, you have the ability to make this gift even more personal. 

The simple but effective journal


Finding the right book can be a difficult task, so I would leave this gift for people you know very well. The book choice should reflect the person you are giving it to. 

For a loved one, a meaningful book filled with poetry

When shopping for someone who is more athletic, it can become difficult trying to think out of the box. I thought about what kind of products I always talk about, but never end up buying for myself. Especially for someone who is always on the go either to different fitness classes or just looking for something fun that would take their training to the next level, here's what I've come up with for you. 

Gift Ideas for Athletes in Your Life

{Loungewear / Workout Wear}

Travelling to and from the gym, working out outdoors, or just need something comfortable around the house. Athletes need clothing that is multi purposeful, but still looks great. 

{Fitness Accessories}

Every athlete needs some sort of accessory, but why make I boring. Here are some fun versions of accessories that will elevate their style factor when going to workout.

{Fitness Technology}

Technology has been developing ways for athletes to track their results and help keep them on top of their game in order to achieve their goals. This gift is not only a fun gadget, but will help the athlete in your family stay on track. 

An expensive gift that offers everything for any athlete 

The last type of gift which is always a winner during the holiday season are personalized items. Getting something with a personal touch just makes that item seem like it was made just for you. That one item no one else will have, because it is personalized only for you. If you are completely unsure and at a loss, here are some examples of personalized gifts that could be given to anyone (whether they are a distant relative or your special someone). 

Something Personal 

{Sweet Treats}

Baked goodies in a personalized container! I love getting baked goods because it means the person knows you well enough to know your favourite treat and its personal because they took the time and made it just for you. With the perfect box and wrapping, this gift is a hit for anyone on your gift list. 

{Monogrammed Items}

I love monogrammed items! I love choosing an item that could be used everyday, but with that special touch. Here's a list of items that I love to monogram

And that's my gift guide for anyone already feeling the holiday stress. I hope this was helpful and let me know in the comments below if you're already done your Christmas shopping. You might have noticed that I didn't add any beauty products to this gift guide, that's because I have something special up my sleeve for beautyholics like myself. 

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