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Maintaining a Positive Perspective When it Comes to Your Goals

Wednesday, July 5, 2017
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This post is going to be slightly different from what I normally share, but I’ve been wanting to include more reflective and personal posts on my page. I think it is so important to remind myself that the reason why I blog in the first place is because I love to write. To not only write my thoughts and opinions on products, but discuss my own life experiences and what I am learning from them.

If you have not read my about me page or my fitness related post, then it is important to know that when I am not shopping or writing blog posts I am a competitive Irish dancer. Being a competitive dancer means I train multiple times a week and travel to various locations. As a matter of fact, I am currently writing this blog post in my hotel room in New Orleans. After a long day of competing, I am taking some time to reflect and share my thoughts of the day. 

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My day started at 5 am, brushing my hair as I prepare for the transformation from your average 22 year old to a big hair, super tanned, and glitter covered dancer. I begin with eye makeup, following along to the Youtube tutorial of one of my favourite beauty gurus Kathleen Lights. After layer upon layer, my fairly pale complexion is gone as I continuously apply two different shades of bronzer to match my dark orange legs. I know, it is definitely a vogue worthy look. By 7:45 my large Marie Antoinette style wig has been pinned to my skull and I am now ready to take on the day. Once at the venue, the mental competition begins. Which side of me will win today; the confident dancer that I know am or the scared and nervous girl who still questions whether she belongs. With changes to my choreography only 2 weeks before this competition, the nerves were definitely present. 

Two dances must be done before we get a recall or a call back (which only the top 50 percent can achieve) to then perform your final dance to find out where you ranked. Despite the many changes and the countless breakdowns I had prior to today, I got through both rounds and felt like I delivered a strong performance. 

Unfortunately it was not enough and I did not get the recall. This brings me to my overall point of this post. Walking in to any competition, my goal is to perform my choreography as best as I can so I know I gave everything I had that day. The difficulty is knowing that sometimes your best may still not be enough to make the cut. It is a hard pill to swallow, but unfortunately it is the harsh reality of not only this sport but life in general. 

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If anything, today reminded me how important it is to find a balance between gaining confidence and maintaining perspective when it comes to our goals. The will to achieve great things can be a strong force to get you started, but it is the ability to not feel defeated that will truly allow you to reach your fullest potential. Would it have been great to get the recall today, of course! At the same time I need to see the positive perspective that even though the result may not have been what I wanted, I did achieve some great skills and experience today. My confidence levels have only sky rocketed in the past year and my determination to keep pursuing my dreams is what deters me from ever giving up. As important as it is to dream and believe that anything is possible, having perspective when a bump in the road comes along will keep you grounded. 

Even when it comes to blogging, I have dreams and goals that I want to achieve and some days I feel like it is possible and others not so much. The perspective that I am only new to this world of blogging and every day is pretty much a learning experience reminds me that even if I think I am failing I am still growing. No day is a waste, no experience is a waste, because I refuse to take on a negative perspective. I only consider myself a failure if I allow my mentality to believe that I am one. 

So today was not my day, but there is always another opportunity and I am thankful for every experience that comes my way. 

P.S. feel free to leave any thoughts or comments as to whether you enjoyed a more reflective/journal style post? I would love to hear from you all!


  1. Nice Article, I like all the pictures that really makes it personal. Nice costumes. Good Luck in your dancing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I love reading personal posts it gives you insight on the person behind the blog. I wish you much success in your dancing, a passion I had as well through out high school and college. Enjoy it and have fun. Even through the tough times, it's all a learning experience in the end.

  3. It is great that you can stay so positive, I know that can be hard for all of us, but your performance outfit looks great and you are in the right mindset to do whatever you want in your future!

  4. Love your positive attitude here! It can be so hard when you have your own goals in mind and don't quite meet them to remain positive but this is a great reminder!

  5. I have gone through life struggles thanks to how i just adopted the positive attitude. There are things that you can not change so worrying about them will just age you. Thanks for the reminder. Lovely outfits btw

    1. I completely agree with you. Thank You!