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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Inspiration from Runway to Streetwear

What I love most about spring is that it is a period of regrowth. From the cold brisk winter comes a new energy when the snow begins to melt and nature is renewed. I also see this as a period of growth in my style. This spring I have looked to many sources of inspiration in order to discover how I will be refining my style. I looked at different locations that have pivotal characteristics in regards to fashion and mode of life. Paris & London are two of my biggest inspirations for this season. Paris, the city of love, embodies romanticism and femininity. In contrast, London is tailored menswear inspired clothing with an edge. The fashion industry has also been inspired by various time periods. Recently the era of Romanticism has seriously influenced the spring runway. The runway interpreted the Romantics through the use of colour, cut, and various textures. The use of lace and sheer fabrics, light and dark floral prints, and adding dimension elaborated this inspiration.

Runway Trends

The Spring ready to wear runways happened back in 2016, so I was thrilled to see Vogue still has details of all the collection that were shown. Of all the collections I really loved Giambattista Valli, Burberry, and Club Monaco. Giambattista Valli’s spring collection was ultra feminine and romantic. I loved the use of both light and dark floral prints, lace, and large ruffled sleeves. One look that stood out was a white floral blouse with lavish ruffled sleeves paired with slim fit trousers.

Burberry's spring runway mixed their well known tailored British style with feminine shapes. We expect blazers, trench coats, and menswear, but they reinvented those shapes. Wearing a jacket to mimic the one shoulder trend, trimming their shirts with lace, or adding dramatic ruffles. Of all the runways I really loved Burberry’s take on Spring 2017 because they didn’t give us typical boho florals and loose flowy shapes. They maintained what we all know and love from Burberry with a feminine touch.

"They maintained what we all know and love from Burberry with a feminine touch"

I must admit I am bias when it comes to Club Monaco. Their collection was composed of feminine shapes as well as taking their impeccable shirts and sweaters and updating them with the cold shoulder trend (I don’t care how many blogs say they hate it, I’m a sucker for a shoulder cutout). They even added a touch of romance and femininity in their shoes which can be seen in the scalloped edges of their flats.

Bloggers & Social Media

As much as I adore fashion month, the continuous street style posts and social media of various bloggers have a significant influence on my personal style. Bloggers demonstrate how to take trends from runway to real life. Olivia Palermo is the queen of street style. She will forever be an inspiration for my own style because she has her own individual take on classic pieces. Olivia has the ability to reinvent classic pieces we all know and love by taking risks like adding dimension and creativity either through layering or accessories.

"Bloggers demonstrate how to take trends from runway to real life"

My two other inspirations are both bloggers that I have recently found and immediately fell in love with not only their style but their presence in the industry. Lydia Elise Millen’s style is everything I hope to be. Her clothing choices are tailored, feminine, and edgy combining and blending pieces to not just make it traditionally tailored or over the top feminine or edgy. I also love how she places a huge importance on investing in quality staple pieces. Her wardrobe combines high street with designer brands in a way that makes everything seem luxurious. Onto my last blogger who is my most recent find and that’s Jenny Cipoletti. She embodies everything that is related to classic feminine style. I feel she is the closest representation to the image of a parisian woman strolling down the streets of Paris looking effortless. Her style could be described as classic, feminine, and couture. I’ve linked all of their blogs to their names so you can all explore and find some spring inspiration.

Now how do we apply this inspiration? Stay tuned for my next post xx

Images taken from respective bloggers and Vogue.com for any runway looks

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