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For collaborations, brand partnerships, and sponsored content you can reach me at my email or by filling out the form below. From there you can request any media kits, examples of work, and of course my rates over email. I am always looking to build relationships with new brands, but know that I only truly want to work with a company or product that I feel passionate about and best represents me as an individual. 


One of the best parts of being a blogger is getting to try new products from well known or smaller companies and sharing it with my audience. If you would like to send a sample of a product you can contact me via or by the form below. 

Please note that samples being sent will be apart of social media shares like on Instagram Stories as that is a tool I use to share new products I've either been given or purchased myself. I will of course link any brands mentioned in my stories, however any further content would need to be discussed as this would be considered a collaboration. As always, building relationships with brands is a process, and I would love to get to know your products. If I feel this is something I would genuinely use, I would love to further this relationships with collaborated blog post(s). 


As a new blogger, I would love to be apart of different events to meet new individuals and share these experiences with my audience. I am more than thrilled to receive any sort of invitation to these events. Please send me an email at or by the form below. 

Just Want to Say Hi?

I would love to get to know my readers as you guys make this dream possible. Don't be shy to send me any questions you may have about the products I share, how I started this blog, or anything really. 


The views and information I share on this blog are all my own. The content written here has all been written by me alone. I love working with other bloggers, but this is my page and will not pursue any guests posts. 

All of the products posted on this blog are ones that I genuinely enjoy or I would buy for myself. I will never share products that I would never use or don't represent myself and what I stand for. The purpose of this blog is to bring my own point of view to all of you so I will never share anything that I don't genuinely enjoy. Therefore if you are a brand, please do not be offended if I do not accept your offer. I just need to be true to myself and it wouldn't be fair to the product or my audience to lie about my experiences. I do work with ShopStyle to share new products with you which uses affiliate links, but the doesn't change my genuine love for those products. 

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