A space for creative individuals who share common interests in my life. This is a place for passionate people who long for a unique approach to fashion, beauty, and health & wellness. I don't consider myself to be an expert, but what I may lack in experience I instead bring enthusiasm and a drive to create thoughtful content. Belles Reveries is my happy place where you all get to see life through my perspective. My happy places could include performing on stage, completing a difficult workout, or even finding and wearing the perfect outfit. The moments that make me who I am and feel whole are moments where I can just enjoy life like reading a great magazine at a cafe or having brunch with friends. was created in March 2017. After spending months yearning over the idea of becoming a blogger, I bought a theme and threw together my two first posts. Months have passed and since then I feel like I have come alive because of this blog. Waking up and developing new content, shooting photos, editing all of the work is what energizes me and sparked something inside of me. I've just recently finished my BA in Political Science, but ever since I was a young girl I have always had a passion for fashion and beauty. Now as I start the next phase in my life this blog has become an outlet to explore these passions. This blog is what I hope to be the building block to my future career and life endeavours and frankly I am so excited to take you along with me as I figure it all out.

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