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Fulfilling a Childhood Dream: Spending the Day at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

First experiences are crucial, especially when it’s for places that you’ve been dreaming to visit your whole life.

Ever since I was a kid, the thought of visiting Disney World, getting to meet my favourite characters, and see the castle we all know and love would be nothing short but a dream come true. Child or grown adult, I think anyone would love to have a trip to a Disney…. I mean it’s the place where dreams come true! 

Well, I’m well past childhood, but I finally made it to the Magic Kingdom. 

Opportunities to travel are always linked up with my dance schedule, so no I didn’t have a full week to spend at Disney, but only a day to take it all in and have the full Magic Kingdom experience. 

Now to get to the park itself there are minimal options, especially when the waiting time is over a hour and the park hasn’t even opened yet. The best way to get there is definitely by ferry. Unfortunately I’m terrified of water, but what would you do in that situation?

You suck it up, get on the ferry, and just think about how wonderful it will be when you reach the Kingdom. 

And let me tell you, when the ferry was approaching closer and closer to the final destination, and the castle grew bigger in size, my heart was ready to explode from excitement. 

I really can’t describe the last time I have had a smile plastered on my face all day, but the magic of Disney sure can do that. As you walk through the gates you’re immediately taken in by the buildings and attractions of Main Street, USA. 

This old American feel with the characters and store workers dressed in old American time dresses and suits. The impromptu performances down main street mid day had you dancing and singing along with the performers. It was a scene that only Disney could create without it feeling planned or rehearsed. It just felt like a natural thing to sing and dance down the street because everyone is the happiest they can possibly be. 

As you make your way down main street, you finally see the castle up close. Surrounded by gardens and fountains, it almost seems too beautiful to be real. Seeing the outline of the castle at the start of every Disney movie always made me wonder if it was really that magical, and it is so much more than that. 

Words just can’t describe the feeling you get when you’re standing in front of it. Now the park was filled with tourists and families, and it was a scorching hot day in Orlando, but it almost felt peaceful when you approached the castle. 

Everyone was just in awe. 

The Lands Within the Kingdom 

Within Magic Kingdom you have five divisions that are unique and capture some of the greatest movies and characters from the Disney universe. It was incredible to see how they were able to not only create different pockets of the park that were so different from each other and yet somehow make them all work and be cohesive as one, but they were able to blend new and older films like they were meant to be like that since day one. 

Walking into Adventureland and right away you see elements from Pirates of the Caribbean, but then mix that with cultural elements that tie in Alladin and even Moana. Even the names of the gift shops and restaurants in each section of Magic Kingdom were unique and fit perfectly with each theme. 

From there you could visit Frontierland, Liberty Square, and then find yourself in Fantasyland and all of a sudden you had everything from villages that were seen in Rapunzel, the Castle from Beauty & the Beast, and even the big circus tent from Dumbo. 

Every step led you through a different fairytale, and I almost felt like I needed to be pinched because it was just so much to take in. 

Tips on How to Have Your Best Experience!

1. Get there early and pack a bag for the day. 

Lineups are no joke when it comes to Disney, so prepare to wait even when it comes to transportation to get to the park. Aim to get there early, and make sure to pack a bag for the day. 

I was really surprised that security allowed for us to bring in our own water bottle and snacks, so make sure if you can pack yourself some light items to eat throughout the day it’ll help cut the cost as well as prevent yourself from feeling light headed or sick. 

*Pro-tip*: Bring 2 - 3 water bottles because the tap water in Orlando can be funky, so instead of buying a $4 water bottle every few hours, make sure you have at least 3 to get you through most of the day. 

2. Fast Passes are worth every dollar. 

We were lucky to receive a fast pass for 3 rides as a complimentary gift from our hotel, but if you’re looking to take advantage of the whole day, then spend the extra money and make sure you get to enjoy as many rides as possible. 

Lineups for rides start at 45 min and will mostly likely be a few hours, and with the scorching heat and sun blasting down on you for majority of the day, you don't want to be waiting hours in line. A fast pass will schedule you in so you will pass that entire line and get to enjoy the ride sooner. 

You can also schedule out your day so you get to try all of the rides and shows that you really want to see, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. 

3. Budget for the Gift Shops!

Like I said, every section of the park has its own specific gift shop, meaning the souvenirs will have some similarity, but then offer different items. Don’t go crazy at the very first one you see. Shop around and then decide one the few items you want to buy. That way you’re not overspending or missing out because you were too eager. 

I was really surprised with the prices, only because I was expecting for items to be ridiculously expensive. If you plan ahead and make sure to budget those souvenirs in, you’ll definitely be able to bring some of the magic back home with you. 

4. Don’t stress, enjoy every moment, and make sure to capture some of those memories. 

There were so many families there who were stressed about seeing every inch of the park, who didn’t want to sit down and relax, and ended up getting really tired and impatient with each other and those around them. 

This, for myself and many families, is a once in a lifetime moment. Instead of trying to run around the whole park. Take your time! If you’ve schedules out certain shows and rides then get those over with first and then allow yourself to enjoy the rest of the day. Stop and cool down and just look around. 

One of my favourite moments was when we were waiting for our turn with the fast pass, we sat back, had a snack, and just watched the people enjoying the rides, taking in the wonderful costumes and shirts people were wearing and just being in the moment. 

Now I would normally not condone holding your phone or camera the entire day, but you definitely want to capture some of the big moments. Just don’t make it your number one priority.

When leaving the park, I was looking through my phone and realized that I had only taken a few photos, but in the moment I was just enjoying being present that unless I really thought about it - I didn’t focus on capturing a moment, I was focused on actually experiencing it!

Disney has this ability to bring out pure happiness out of everyone. And even though it was only for a day, I have memories that are going to last me a lifetime! 

Have you been to Disney World? What were some of your favourite moments? Leave me a comment below! 


  1. Disney is literally my favorite place. Thanks for sharing your journey. I hope you had tons of fun.

    1. It was such an incredible day! Thank you for the comment xx

  2. I recently went to DW with my daughter, who is 4. It was so fun! We loved it! It really is a magical place.

    1. Oh she must have died being there! I felt like my 4 year old self that day haha

  3. Replies
    1. I really did, thanks for the comment xx