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Taking Time for Myself: How Skincare has not only Changed my Skin but my State of Mind

Friday, February 16, 2018

When was the last time you took a break from your hectic life filled with obligations, work, school, etc. and just spent some time for yourself? 

Even though I didn't make any resolution for the new year, one of the promises I made to myself was to take time out of my week to unwind and destress. At the moment, my every day to-do list basically organizes every hour of my life from the moment I wake up to when I go to bed. Come Friday, I still want to be productive over the weekend, but I also can feel myself slowly losing energy and motivation. Instead of taking the whole weekend to recoup, I've found that giving myself some time to just sit back and relax and more importantly pamper myself, boosts my energy levels. Even 30 minutes spent just for myself can leave a girl feeling at ease and ready to refocus. I know I know, you're probably thinking another skincare post, but I promise you that taking some time to even put on a face mask, soak in a hot bath, and enjoy the quiet time has made a world of a difference in my life.
I have to admit that the discussion of skincare and applying these strange masks that are either sheets that wrap around your ears, made of gold, or even come in full glitter has been out of hand, but there’s a reason for it. No it’s not just for those instagram photos, there’s an actual purpose for using face masks. After watching a few skincare reviews and blog posts, I figured why not give this a go! I started shopping around and soon realized purchasing a face mask wouldn’t be as simple as I thought it would be. I didn’t know where to start, and to be honest my checklist was pretty simple:

Clean out my pores



I didn’t need anything too crazy since I wasn’t sure if these products even work. My skin is quite sensitive so it can easily be irritated by most products (sometimes even for products that are for sensitive skin). After seeing a few reviews from different bloggers and websites, I decided that opting for a drugstore face mask would be the best way to try it out without investing too much money into it. I’ve had this product for a few months and I must say, Im surprised with how well this face mask works. My skin immediately feels cleaner after using it and I can even notice that my skin appears brighter too! Which product am I referring to you ask? It’s the L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox & Brighten Face Mask. 

Don’t Be Afraid of the Charcoal: The Benefits of this Mask! 

I have to admit when I first saw that the mask was made from charcoal, I had my doubts. Why would I want to put charcoal on my face and how would this actually benefit my skin? The purpose of the mask is to detoxify and illuminate your skin. The charcoal is going to act as a magnet to dig deep and get to the impurities that could be clogging up your pores. This  includes dirt, oil, and even pollution from being out and about. After using this mask, it promises to leave your complexion looking cleaner and the texture of it appearing even as it has done a deep pore cleansing by removing all existing impurities. With every use, your skin will only notice more of the benefits as it becomes more detoxified. This face mask promises to do all of this while still remaining affordable, since it’s less than $13! 

How I Get My Mask On  

When I first started using the mask, I layered a thick amount all over my face because I didn’t know any better and I thought that’s how they worked. Over time, I’ve found that using the mask in different sections of my face has actually worked the best. It’s also important to note that you should only use the face mask a few times per week. I like to mask once or twice a week by adding it into my existing skincare routine. Personally if I overuse this product, it does have the potential to dry out your skin. Usually, when I am going to apply the mask, I place it in different sections of my face that tend to have breakouts and build up of oil and dirt. This would include my nose, cheekbones, and chin. This is when I take advantage of the time when my face is covered with product to just focus on my own well being. I'll either soak in a hot bath and read a book, other times I'll just sit quietly and de stress by closing off my mind to all of the lists and stressors and meditate. Generally speaking, when you apply a mask the usual wait time is from 5-20 minutes. The longer it’s on your skin, the more time it has to sink in and work more and gives you more of an excuse to just stop working and take a breather. 

One way I’ve been using this mask more has been as a spot treatment for blemishes. I’ve had a few really bad breakouts in the last few weeks, and when they are at their worst, the first thing you want to do is pop them (so. gross.). Instead, I’ll apply a small amount of this mask directly to the area that’s breaking out and let it sit on my skin for 15 minutes. I then make sure to lightly remove it and the blemish has already decrease in size and redness. I’ve done this for a few days back to back and it’s really helped with decreasing the size of blemish as well as the longevity of it on my face. Some other important tips when it comes to using a mask is to apply it after you have cleaned your face. If you have never used a mask before, it’s important to know that this is not to be mistaken for a cleanser. In order for this mask to properly work and seep further into your pores, the surface of your skin must already be clean. Once I have used my cleanser and done my face mask, I move onto the rest of my skincare routine which includes a serum and of course moisturizing. It’s so important to end your skincare routine with moisturizing especially after using different products on your face. 

Find Your Perfect Match! 

The great thing about face masks is that they can be used for any issue or if you desire something specific for your skin. Below I’ve included some of the top rated masks at all prices for each specific issue area so you can find the mask that will work for you! 

If you're in need of some Hydration...

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. It’s all we seem to be discussing thanks to the weather. These two face masks that I’ve found focus on giving your skin an extra boost of moisture that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. 

 This is considered a cult favourite on Sephora’s website. This face mask is a gel consistency that is infused with real rose petals, rosewater, and algae which work together to deliver optimum hydration. This is a cooling mask whose goal is to restore your tired skin’s natural radiance. 

That’s right an overnight mask where the only job you have to do is put it on and get some well deserved sleep! The mask is made with avocado oil and apricot kernel oil that will deeply moisturize your skin. This is perfect for people with hectic schedules. Use this twice a week and you’ll notice a significant difference in your skin. 

Do you want Glowing Skin?  

If it’s not hydration, we all want the glow. Every ad or makeup product being released right now is focused on achieving that beautiful glow. As much as I love using highlighters and illuminating products when doing my makeup, reality is, some days I just want my skin to do it on its own. This face mask is designed to give your skin the radiance to glow all on its own. 

 This mask seems to do it all. It promises to tighten pores, moisturize, and even clear up any imperfections. In order to get Goddess Skin, this mask uses a glow creating combination of Spanish Clay and Sweet Almond Oil to nourish your skin. The mask also uses essential oils to hydrate your skin. 

In need of a Skin Detox?

Of all the issues, this for me is the most important. If you have issues regarding breakouts, skin texture, and oversized pores, your main concern with skincare is trying to regain control and clear up any blemishes. Adding this step into your skincare can help take care of these issues. Along with the L’Oreal mask, this mask below is made from similar ingredients to help clear your skin. 

This mask specifically uses bamboo charcoal that works like a magnet to draw out those everyday toxins and dirt that can clog pores and leave your skin looking dull and unhealthy. Using this mask twice a week, the product promises that you’ll see cleaner and clearer pores. 

One thing I've learned is that life is meant to be lived, and I don't want to spend my weeks tiring myself and causing a burnout. It's crazy to think that spending time just for yourself and focusing only on that moment has become a luxury. It reminds me of a well known quote "In between goals is a thing called life that is meant to be lived and enjoyed". So take a little time for yourself and you mind, body, and soul will thank you for it in the long run. 

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  2. I love taking the time to do a face mask every week. I've never tried this brand, but it looks interesting.

  3. I have never tried this brand, but skin care and testing products is one of my fun go tos.

    1. It's so fun to try different products, you definitely need to try this one :)

  4. Hey Shauna,
    Your such a pretty girl :) I have heard soo much about this mask and would check it if its available here.

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