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Four ways to get over those winter blues

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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Truth be told I can be a bit of grinch when it comes to winter. 

 I never really enjoyed winter as a child. The concept of wearing a snowsuit to play in cold wet snow just never seemed like a fun activity to me. My negative feelings towards winter only became worse as I grew up, since in the middle of the mess of changing seasons comes the stress of school examinations and minimal amounts of sunlight. I found myself becoming emotionally affected by the change in time (going back a hour) to waking up in darkness and having darkness again by 5 pm. Never mind when the white stuff starts to fall from the sky… then I’m really done. The months of heavy snowfall where I feel like I'm living in the arctic, in addition to freezing rain and cold wind only pushes me further off the edge. If I could choose, we would have snow only for Christmas Eve until Boxing Day, because it is Christmas and it would only seem strange not to have a white Christmas. This year though, I'm really trying to not be a grinch for all of winter. I have been able to enjoy every other season, so there has to be a way to appreciate even the coldest of winter days. I’ve come up with four easy ways to get over those winter blues and find some weather positivity again. Especially living in Canada, there’s no getting around the next few cold months, so we might as well enjoy it! 

H&M, Le Chateau, Winter, Montreal, Dix 30, Shopping, Holidays, Christmas

H&M, Le Chateau, Winter, Montreal, Dix 30, Shopping, Holidays, Christmas

Rest & Relaxation 

In the midst of school examinations, holiday shopping, and (in my case) my final major dance competition of the year, I think we all deserve some time to rest up and recharge. With November coming to an end, most of my stressors have passed. Now is the perfect time to throw your comfiest clothes on to keep you warm and spend some time relaxing. For most of us, we spend majority of our year on a strict schedule. Having to wakeup at a certain time with a list of tasks to complete just so you can get back to bed to repeat it all over the very next day. I know for myself, it was also stressful as I had to be strict with my diet and fitness activity level because of my competition season. Getting the opportunity to sit back and relax is a necessity after being on this type of schedule for so long. One of the best activities that relaxes me is going for walks around my neighbourhood. Taking in the beauty of winter while I walk my dog is even more enjoyable when the Christmas decorations start to appear. It's a time where I can shut my mind off to the hundreds of thoughts and anxieties, and just focus on some time on the present. The best part of it is when you get back home and jump in a nice hot bath, which is both relaxing and necessary. It’s also a time where I like to catch up on tv shows or maybe binge watch a new series I’ve been putting off. Maybe even snuggle up with a good book, whatever it is that detoxes your mind from stress is exactly what we need. This time of year can easily become overwhelming and we can lose sight of what’s really important, so taking a step back and getting some much needed R&R is what majority of us need. 

H&M, Le Chateau, Winter, Montreal, Dix 30, Shopping, Holidays, Christmas

Spending Time with Loved Ones 

Speaking of what’s important, as much as we all love the gift aspect of Christmas, this time of year is when we need to get together with family and friends and spend time just being together. We all live hectic lives with busy schedules, so this time of year is the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends you may not have seen in awhile, or sit down for more family dinners. There's something about a meal with loved ones that is just good for the soul. A night of good food and plenty of drinks whether it be with family or friends is one of my favourite ways to catch up and have a night filled with laughter. If you're not a fan of going out, then have a a night in where you make your favourite appetizer dishes with a selection of wines. What matters most is the company! One of my other favourite activities is staying in and having a movie night. There are so many holiday themed movie marathons going on, which is a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones and enjoy some holiday classics. You don't need to go out and spend a lot to have a great time, bring the theatre to you by supplying a few of your favourite movie snacks and wear your comfiest onesie; the makings of a good night.   

H&M, Le Chateau, Winter, Montreal, Dix 30, Shopping, Holidays, Christmas

Prepping for the Holidays 

I may not enjoy the snow, but I really really love the holiday season. The holiday season combines all of my favourite things. On those days where I just can’t seem to bring myself to go outside (because it might be -20 degrees outside), I need something to look forward to. So I blast some Christmas music and get into the holiday spirit. My all time favourite holiday activity is baking some treats. Gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, and who could forget shortbread cookies! Spending an afternoon baking while I sing along to my favourite holiday themed songs is the perfect mood booster, even on the ugliest of winter days. Lately, I’ve also been enjoying the decorating process. Finding small DIY projects are also a great way to spend a day and bring some holiday cheer. There's just something about this time of year that brings out your inner child, so why not enjoy every moment of it. 

H&M, Le Chateau, Winter, Montreal, Dix 30, Shopping, Holidays, Christmas

Winter Themed Activities 

Living in Montreal, it’s almost a definite that there is something to do no matter the season. It’s no surprise that there are so many exciting outdoor events that are happening throughout the winter season all over the city. Whether it is outdoor skating in the Old Port or the festivals like Igloofest or Nuit Blanche, Montreal has a variety of activities that are perfect for family time or a night out with friends. If you enjoy being active, skiing and snowshoeing activities are perfect for you. There are also outdoor markets and Christmas villages like La Grade Marche de Noel that can be found all over the city, which are perfect for a day out and maybe even getting some Christmas shopping done. Planning fun activities outdoors can break the grinch attitude towards winter and start enjoying the cooler months. Like I said, you can’t get away from winter living in Canada, so you might as well enjoy it! 

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H&M, Le Chateau, Winter, Montreal, Dix 30, Shopping, Holidays, Christmas

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