Lifestyle Blog By Shauna Young

Lifestyle Blog By Shauna Young

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Truth be told I can be a bit of grinch when it comes to winter. 
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I feel like skincare has been having its own moment lately in the beauty world. With the popularity of having glowy skin, almost every brand was releasing their own set of magical products which could help us achieve this. 

Whenever I shop, I always try to find items that can be used multiple ways in my wardrobe. I try to stay away from clothing that can only be worn one way or for certain occasions since I don’t have the closet space to manage that. It's important to have a collection of clothes that can be recycled season after season. I want a wardrobe that is versatile and offers me options for any mood I may be in.

Any fashion girl would say that dressing for fall is the absolute best. It’s the perfect season where you can layer your favourite sweaters and coats, but not too cold where you’re miserable. 

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With the changing of seasons also comes a change in beauty trends. Every fall season, dark lips in the deepest shades from burgundy to purple can be found in most autumnal trends. As for eyes, warm toned eyeshadows have gained increasing popularity. With almost every brand releasing their own version of burnt oranges and red toned browns, everyone wants to achieve this look.