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Beauty Products I've Been Enjoying Lately

Thursday, August 3, 2017
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My day to day beauty regimen is extremely minimal. No makeup, hair up in a messy bun, and my nails are most likely chipped. My daily schedule involves early mornings where I edit and work on blog posts followed by afternoon and evening training sessions for dance. Most days there isn't much time throughout the day to apply makeup to then only take it off after a hour or so (as I don’t like wearing makeup when I train or practice). When I do decide to get my glam on, my current beauty routine is extremely simple and basic. Since I spend most of my weekends dancing at competitions, I try not to wear heavy amounts of makeup in my everyday life. Currently the weather has been a mixture of sticky humidity or rain which leaves my makeup and hair looking like a mess after a few hours. Overall, I really haven’t played around with much makeup in the past few months, BUT I have found some of my favourite products that are on their way to becoming holy grail finds.

When I was looking through my makeup collection, I was really excited to share with you that the three makeup products that I have been using non stop can all be found at the drugstore. As fun as it is going to Sephora and gushing over those luxury brands, I really try to find products that offer similar results for a fraction of the price. In the past few months my love for drugstore makeup has surpassed that of high end beauty since I have become a huge fan of L’Oreal cosmetics. Whenever I use one of their products I’m still floored over how great they are because the quality is easily comparable to those high end brands. The first product I instantly fell in love with is a foundation that I had originally purchased for when I compete. At the time I was only using my holy grail Urban Decay All Nighter foundation for my everyday face makeup. As the seasons changed, however, I found myself needing less heavy duty coverage and instead wearing a BB cream because it was lightweight. I purchased the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation for only the purpose of wearing it when I compete and I really loved how it felt on my skin. When I wear it to compete I do use a brush, but I tried it with a beauty sponge for an everyday look and it was incredible! The coverage is amazing, but what I really loved is that it is so lightweight. I don’t feel like I’m wearing a matte full coverage foundation, but I have to say that with a face powder and setting spray this foundation is not budging for hours! I do have combination skin but I tend to sweat a lot on those hot summer days so my face will get oily. Even on my worse days this foundation holds up. 

l'oreal, makeup, beauty, summer, favourites, blogger, beauty blogger, Montreal
l'oreal, makeup, beauty, summer, favourites, blogger, beauty blogger, Montreal

Another L’Oreal product that I cannot get enough of are the Infallible lip paints. My obsession with lipstick and any sort of lip makeup has grown since I generally do natural face and eye makeup. I do have a problem with buying too many nude lipsticks which you can get the full list from my spring beauty favourites. I have tried to expand my lip collection by adding more pink shades. I purchased the lip paint after watching one of my favourite bloggers talk about her love for them. They’re not like most liquid lipsticks, I would consider it more of a gloss because of its finish and longevity. However, the pigmentation is comparable to some of my high end liquid lipsticks. The colour selection is never ending and if I could I would own every possible shade. My final product is for your eyebrows and it is the Maybelline Brow Define and Fill duo. I will admit when I first purchased it I wasn’t a huge fan, but I have slowly become a fan of it over the past few months. The product is double ended; one side is a pencil and the other is a powder. The brow pencil works easily and glides the product on, while the powder helps set and really fill in parts of your brows that may need some extra love. I will say that the downsides of this product is the fact that it doesn't come with a brush so it requires you to already own one in order to brush the product in. Like any new product it also took me awhile to get used to how much powder it dispenses which did lead to a lot of bad brow mistakes. 

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l'oreal, makeup, beauty, summer, favourites, blogger, beauty blogger, Montreal
The next product is a nail polish and surprise surprise it is another L’Oreal product. The Colour Riche nail polish in shade Jardins des Roses is such a beautiful sweet pink shade. It is the only nail colour I have worn all summer! I love the glossy finish and it is the perfect shade for just about any outfit. It is a pop of colour, but I don’t find it to be overwhelming. It is the perfect version of the millennial pink trend. The formula of the polish is comparable to other brands like Essie in regards to how long wearing it is. I can go weeks at a time without having to fix my nails.  

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The final two products are fragrances that I really enjoy. The first is one of my favourite body creams which was actually part of a Christmas gift I received. Lately I just cannot stop using it and it is called the Pear and Cocoa perfumed body lotion from Yyves Rocher. I absolutely love the scent of this cream, it’s a light sweet smell that just blends into your skin. The combination of pear and cocoa creates this fruity yet buttery scent that is perfect for summer. The formula of the cream is also super hydrating which is perfect for those days where my skin is extra dehydrated and dry. I like to wear scented body lotions in the summer because I can moisturize my skin throughout the day and have a creamy scent blended directly into my skin so it isn’t over the top. The second scent is a perfume that I actually just received last week. I know how can this be a favourite if it has only been a few days, but I just fell in love with the fragrance the second I smelled it. I received a set from Influenster Canada for free to try the Saint and Sinner scents from Kat Von D. They’re the perfect tester size so you can deicide how you really feel about the product. After quickly smelling the two perfumes I was automatically drawn to the Saint fragrance. It is described to have key notes of Vanilla, Jasmin, and Musk in order to create a romantic floral scent. I personally love anything with vanilla in it as it just exudes a feminine and sweet aura and wears well on the skin throughout the day. Since receiving this promotional set, I have not stopped wearing Saint! 

Those are my current beauty favourites of the summer. I have listed the products down below for any other information. 

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  2. Thanks for sharing! These look like great products, especially the Loreal products. Affordable too! I'll give them a try! :)

  3. That foundation, lip paint and Kat Von D perfumes are things I've been addicted to lately!

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