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Vacation Styling: Tips on Surviving the Heat in Style

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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If I had to choose my favourite season for dressing it would definitely have to be the fall. I love layering knits, swapping sandals for boots, and wearing leather jackets. Dressing for the summer has always had its challenges since many stores opt for the short short and crop top combination. Lately, I find myself in this trasition stage where I don’t quite fit in with the style of stores I used to shop in that are directed towards young adults (because of the crop tops and short shorts). Instead, I have shopped around to a number of stores to find a mix of feminine and youthful clothing that I can feel comfortable in. Leaving for New Orleans, I obviously had to pack the necessities for my dance competition, but also for another four days. Packing for a warmer climate affected my decision making on a lot of the items that I recently purchased. How was I going to dress to stay cool yet still be fashionable?

New Orleans, Zara, H&M, Summer, Style, vacation, fashion

Light Weight Dresses: 

One of my favourite trends of this season has to be the “off the shoulder” fit. The most basic dress can be elevated just by changing the neckline to create a more feminine look. I especially love the fit of this dress from H&M as it is tighter around the bust and then flows away from the rest of your body. Being comfortable was definitely the top priority when deciding which summer pieces I was going to bring for this trip. I wanted to wear items that did not need a lot of effort, but would have a huge payoff when it comes to my overall look. I could move around, eat as much as I want, and never have to worry about the dress riding up. Being made of a light weight material also kept me cool when the heat and humidity would hit their highest temperature in the afternoon. I especially loved the blue and purple floral print; it really is the perfect dress for any summer occasion.

New Orleans, Vacation, fashion, style, summer, H&M, Zara, long champ, street style,

New Orleans, vacation, summer, H&M, vero moda, street style, fashion, blogger, lifestyle

Loose fitting Separates: 

Shorts have always been an issue mostly due to poor fit. They are either too short in length and fit me well at my waist, or they are too wide and at a comfortable length. When I found these shorts from Vero Moda I was really excited to finally find a pair of shorts that I could walk around comfortably in. They are in a cream linen material with pockets (yes ladies actual pockets)! I paired these shorts with one of the best buys from the spring and summer season. This bubble gum pink t-shirt with ruffled sleeves was a steal for $20 at H&M. Having just that extra ruffle feature also elevated this shirt from looking like your average basic tee. It was the perfect outfit that could be worn to walk around and sight see during the day, and then go for dinner and drinks in the evening. I accessorized this look with espadrilles and some earrings from Joe Fresh (another steal!). Especially for those hot days, wearing a loose top and short is a must especially when trying to not appear like the sweaty mess you actually are. 

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Neutral Palette: 

Growing up, I generally gravitated towards dark clothing for all months and seasons. I would spend the entire summer in black clothing always wondering why I was overheating. This past year, I have tried to move away from all black outfits and instead combine different neutral colours. For the spring and summer season; white, cream, and nude/khaki tones have all become the base palette of my recent purchases. Buying clothes in a neutral palette will freshen up your entire wardrobe and, especially for the summer, compliment the tan I know we have all been trying to achieve. Buying within this colour palette will also prolong the wear of you clothes for future seasons. I then wanted to add pops of colour and print in my separates and accessories. These neutral pieces will create the perfect base to then add different layers and tones into your outfit. 

New Orleans, H&M, zara, sun hat, fashion, street style, everyday style, summer, blogger, lifestyle

New Orleans, shoes, sandals, espadrilles, zara, gingham, vero moda, style, fashion, summer, vacation
Staple Accessories: 

When I travel, I always look to have staple accessories that I know will not take up much room in my suitcase and can be paired with multiple outfits. I will admit that I brought three pair of shoes with me, but wore these espadrilles the most. I purchased these espadrilles during the Zara mid season sale, and they are to die for! I have always wanted a pair of espadrilles so when I found these and saw that they were in navy gingham, it was a total win. I wore these with all of the outfits shown here to show you their versatility. Since they were new I had to break them in during the week, but overall they really were comfortable because of the padding on the sole of the shoe. As for my bag, my go to choice is always the Longchamp Pilage Tote since it is by far the easiest bag to travel with. The bag folds perfectly to fit in my suitcase and is big enough to carry around all the necessities I need for a day out. I really do love this tote in the olive colour and it complimented many of the outfits I wore throughout the week. 

style, New Orleans, fashion, H&M, street style, fashion, blogger, lifestyle, vacation, summer

Vacation dressing can be easy as long as you plan and commit yourself to what you bring! When packing, I personally decide on pieces that I know even if I wake up and don’t feel my best, I can still wear these pieces and feel comfortable while looking put together. 

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  1. I love the outfits you put together, they are really sophisticated and pretty, and great for the hotter weather! I'm like you in the sense that i love dressing for Autumn/ Fall so i can layer up, and wear my leather jacket and other little jackets that i cant really wear in any other season! Thanks for sharing this post! Your blog looks really interesting ican wait to see the other posts! x

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment xx

  2. So nice outfits, loved the last one dress! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the outfits. And I agree, dressing light is important in the heat!

    XOXO //
    SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

    1. So important to pick the right fabric! Thank you for the comment.

  4. Love your style! Such cute outfits!

  5. Great tips! I'm all about the lightweight dresses!

  6. Love those shoes! They work absolutely great with every outfit you put on! Fabulous summer style! Enjoy you travels!

    Paulo Paradox | www.pauloparadox.com