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Lifestyle Blog By Shauna Young

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I like to think that I am more open minded when it comes to my personal style. Experimenting with colour, print, and trends is what has allowed me to figure out what I really like and what I don’t like. Learning from my past fashion "mistakes" has taught me to try things outside of the box. From every mistake, I have learnt and grown through all of the phases in my style which has helped me develop my current wardrobe. We all have a comfort zone when it comes to clothing, but the last thing I want is to be stuck in a style rut. That being said, I do have my opinions and judgements of certain looks and trends. I can definitely say that I have a list of items that I would never be caught dead in. 

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If I had to choose my favourite season for dressing it would definitely have to be the fall. I love layering knits, swapping sandals for boots, and wearing leather jackets. Dressing for the summer has always had its challenges since many stores opt for the short short and crop top combination. Lately, I find myself in this trasition stage where I don’t quite fit in with the style of stores I used to shop in that are directed towards young adults (because of the crop tops and short shorts). Instead, I have shopped around to a number of stores to find a mix of feminine and youthful clothing that I can feel comfortable in. Leaving for New Orleans, I obviously had to pack the necessities for my dance competition, but also for another four days. Packing for a warmer climate affected my decision making on a lot of the items that I recently purchased. How was I going to dress to stay cool yet still be fashionable?
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With the temperature only getting hotter and the sun shining brighter each day, there was a checklist of things to do and see in New Orleans. This would be the last day and a half before we were back to the competition for another event and then off to the airport to head back home. Even though we had walked all over the French Quarter and up to Bourbon street, there are many small side streets with interesting stores that have yet to be explored. 

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As I walked out of the airport I was instantly hit with the humidity and sun that I have never felt before. I love warm weather, but you could walk outside with wet hair and it will be dry within a few minutes. Getting into a cab as we made our way to the hotel, I was able to see the makeup of a city that has had it troubles and triumphs. At first it looked like any other city filled with large buildings and busy streets, but it was not until I reached the French Quarter that the true identity and spirit of New Orleans could be found. Since I was spending a little under a week in New Orleans I really wanted to see as much as I possibly could. Mixing well known tourist destinations with simply walking around and discovering the various characters who makeup the city.
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This post is going to be slightly different from what I normally share, but I’ve been wanting to include more reflective and personal posts on my page. I think it is so important to remind myself that the reason why I blog in the first place is because I love to write. To not only write my thoughts and opinions on products, but discuss my own life experiences and what I am learning from them.