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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It is officially the first day of summer which means months of hot and humid days are on its way! The change in weather also affects my beauty inspirations, shifting towards different trends. Looking for updos for the most part since the summer can get extremely hot in Montreal. The ultimate goal is to find styles that will be comfortable and keep me cool while still looking good. Hair and makeup are two aspects that play a significant role in completing any outfit, therefore I want to find different styles that will compliment my overall look. Summer is a time in fashion where I step away from structured pieces and instead go for loose fit and lighter fabrics. My hair and makeup will then be less structured and instead highlighting my natural texture and features. In the past week I've been scoping my Pinterest and Instagram feeds to find inspiration for possible looks to try. 

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Luxy Hair
I have a tendency to stalk various makeup artist and beauty gurus on social media. It is the easiest way to see what is trending or for when I am feeling adventurous with my makeup. Lately, Patrick Ta's Instagram page has become a favourite of mine. I love how majority of his looks are focused on radiant glowy skin with either a statement eye or bold lip. His makeup is always flattering and could be worn by the average person, even if his feed is mostly models and other celebrities. In regards to wearing makeup in the summer I have a few tips when dealing with the heat. 

1. Primer! Without a great primer your makeup will melt away. I have tried a number of primers and at the moment I am currently wearing the ELF mineral infused primer. I really love the formula and its price (it is under 10 dollars!!). Once you know your skin type and trouble areas, you can easily find a primer that will blend and create the perfect base for the rest of your makeup. 
2. Light Weight Foundation. Move away from those heavy foundations, because they will build up and wear badly on the hottest of days. Instead, I try to wear a BB cream and then cover any imperfections with concealer. The lighter formula works best and majority come with added SPF. 
3. Setting Spray. I, like many, were skeptical over whether setting sprays make a difference. After dancing at an outdoor competition with a full face of makeup, using a setting spray kept my makeup looking fresh for the entire day and into the night. I have been using the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray for months and I don't see myself changing any time soon. 

Now, let's get into the three looks I've been obsessing over!

shay Mitchell, beauty, makeup, Patrick ta, Instagram, trending, hack, summer
The first look is focused on achieving that all over glow. Using a luminous foundation and face products will achieve a light and fresh base. The eye makeup is a smokey neutral palette, highlighting her eye shape and  defining her lash line to create some drama. The lipstick for this look is in a similar nude tone used to only accentuate and give the appearance of luscious lips. Lastly her brows. Oh her brows! I love the natural look, filling in only to create a fuller brow shape, without being over done. I would call this look summer goddess. Sun kissed glow and effortless beauty.  

Model: Shay Mitchell 
Source: Patrick Ta's Insatgram

vanessa hudgens, instagram, patrick ta, monochromatic, makeup, beauty, trending, summer, hack
Monochromatic makeup has been on trend for the past year. Using similar colour tones for every feature makes the entire look cohesive and modern. Here, pale pink is the choice. Start with your usual base makeup, then from there you use similar colours for eyes, lips, and blush. The simplest way to go about eye and cheek makeup is to use the exact same product. Her eye and cheek makeup has more sheen to it, so look for a cream based blush or eyeshadow that can then be used to apply colour to eyes and cheek. A pinky nude lipstick is a perfect way to achieve a similar colour for lips. Finish this look off with eyeliner, mascara, and highlight. This look is so simple, but effective! Anyone can pull this off. 

Model: Vanessa Hudgens 
Source: Patrick Ta's Instagram

shanina sheikh, patrick ta, makeup, beauty, summer, Instagram, trending, hack, red lips
This is by far my favourite look of the three. It combines two aspect of makeup that I just cannot get enough of; bold lips and highlight. To begin, this look is similar to the first in regards to luminous skin and natural brows. The glow and highlight is everywhere! Brow bone, eyes, cheek bone, and even her shoulder. My philosophy is the more highlight the better. The bold lip is absolutely stunning because it amps up the rest of the makeup. Line the lips first to accentuate your natural shape and then finish with a matte lipstick. I would go with any bright colour for the summer months.

Model: Shanina Shaikh
Source: Patrick Ta's Instagram 

Summer Hair Styles 

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Free People
Summer can be difficult because you want to look great, but the heat and humidity can ruin any possibility of your hair cooperating. One of my favourite looks when my hair was long and even now short is the half up bun. You can leave your natural texture or style your hair (curly / straight). Either way this style looks effortless yet put together. I love pulling the hair away from my face especially on those sticky hot days while still having some length by leaving the bottom half down. This is also an easy look to do if you’re on second or third day hair. Spray some dry shampoo and tease for some added volume. 

missy sue, instagram, beauty, hair, hairstyle, summer, braids, ponytail, trending, hack
Missy Sue

I love braids. Last summer, when I had longer hair almost every hair look I wore had braids. I love adding them to a simple low pony (like in this photo) which creates more dimension. I also love how, similar to the first image above, braids can be used to bring the hair together to create a low ponytail. I find that braids are perfect for summer especially with the heat due to the dry texture our hair is experiencing. They can also be used to  create beautiful beach waves for second day hair. 

The messy bun is probably the simplest and at the same time most difficult look to achieve. I find the messier of a look I’m trying to create, the more work it takes. However, once you’ve settled on the messiness of a low bun, this is perfect hairstyle for day and night. One great way to make this hairstyle interesting is by adding a scarf. I recently wrote a post about what’s trending in summer accessories and scarves have been increasingly predominant in spring and summer fashion. I especially love the photo below where natural texture and a scarf  were combined to create a boho and trendy low bun. Smoothing out the low bun with some heated curled pieces to frame your face can amp up and dress up the low bun look for a night out. 

I hope you found some beauty inspiration for this summer. If you are looking for more inspiration, head to my Pinterest page where I update it regularly. Also be sure to check out more of Patrick Ta's beauty creations on his Instagram page. 


  1. This post looks like perfect for me! There are some of my favorite vip like Shay Mitchell. You inspired me, thanks :)

    1. Thank you! Glad you found some inspiration

  2. I love the ease and beauty of these styles! What a way to upgrade a simple braid!

    1. That's exactly what I love about them as well. Simple and easy but so beautiful!

  3. These are some great looks. I love the messy bun to keep my hair out of the way when I'm working.

    1. Thank you! You can never go wrong with a messy bun

  4. I like every hair styles. Yes settings spray is a must for me in summer.

  5. Just discovered you blog and I love it! I loved you said your are looking for styles that will be comfortable and keep you cool while still looking good! I don't use Primer but I think it's a great advice, will buy one ASAP!

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I definitely think you look your best when you feel comfortable. You feel at ease and can just be confidently yourself. Let me know if you notice a difference after purchasing primer.