Lifestyle Blog By Shauna Young

Lifestyle Blog By Shauna Young

It is officially the first day of summer which means months of hot and humid days are on its way! The change in weather also affects my beauty inspirations, shifting towards different trends. Looking for updos for the most part since the summer can get extremely hot in Montreal. The ultimate goal is to find styles that will be comfortable and keep me cool while still looking good. Hair and makeup are two aspects that play a significant role in completing any outfit, therefore I want to find different styles that will compliment my overall look. Summer is a time in fashion where I step away from structured pieces and instead go for loose fit and lighter fabrics. My hair and makeup will then be less structured and instead highlighting my natural texture and features. In the past week I've been scoping my Pinterest and Instagram feeds to find inspiration for possible looks to try. 
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For the past few years, fitness and over all wellness has been significant in my life. As a competitive dancer it is necessary to train to maintain and build strength so I can perform at my absolute best. Now I can honestly say that fitness is a benefit for my overall health, but the journey was a rocky process. When I started college, I found myself feeling self conscious of my appearance as I began to put on weight and change from what I was used to. Late nights studying resulted in poor eating habits and of course drinking large amounts of coffee to get through the tireless days at school. At the same time, the pressure to look a certain way was affecting my reasoning to workout. This resulted in a cycle of me starting a new fitness program, having motivation for only one week, and by the end I would be back to where I started feeling defeated. 

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Lorna Luxe

Despite the gloomy weather we’ve been experiencing here in Montreal, summer is just around the corner! As always, I’ve been browsing online and in store and I have to say that accessories are a huge feature for the current spring and summer seasons. To be honest, I would consider myself to be bit of a minimalist when it comes to accessorizing my outfits simply because I don’t wear a lot of jewelry or think to grab anything unless it is a necessity. If I think to grab a necklace or pair of earrings, it is usually an after thought. A personal goal of mine is to incorporate more interesting accessories that can be paired with multiple outfits. Accessories are the sprinkles and cherry on top of an outfit sundae. With the right choice, they take an everyday look to a whole other level. I chose three major trends that I have noticed when shopping and included some of my picks, both high end and low end, of each accessory.