Lifestyle Blog By Shauna Young

Lifestyle Blog By Shauna Young

H&M Jeans, Leather Jacket, Spring Style

Lately, I find myself being fed up with the process of shopping. At one point it was a time where I would walk into any store, find a few random pieces, and purchase without thinking twice. I would get home with excitement thinking these pieces would be a great addition, only to wear them for the next few weeks and soon realize majority of my purchases are unwearable.

Inspiration from Runway to Streetwear

What I love most about spring is that it is a period of regrowth. From the cold brisk winter comes a new energy when the snow begins to melt and nature is renewed. I also see this as a period of growth in my style. This spring I have looked to many sources of inspiration in order to discover how I will be refining my style. I looked at different locations that have pivotal characteristics in regards to fashion and mode of life. Paris & London are two of my biggest inspirations for this season. Paris, the city of love, embodies romanticism and femininity. In contrast, London is tailored menswear inspired clothing with an edge. The fashion industry has also been inspired by various time periods. Recently the era of Romanticism has seriously influenced the spring runway. The runway interpreted the Romantics through the use of colour, cut, and various textures. The use of lace and sheer fabrics, light and dark floral prints, and adding dimension elaborated this inspiration.