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Transitioning from winter to spring: Clearing out my wardrobe

Friday, March 31, 2017

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Most bloggers have the pleasure of discussing their spring wardrobe by late February. As I look out my window, in the middle of March, all I see is a blanket of fresh snow. Unfortunately living in Canada does affect my wardrobe since the extended winter months does not allow for anything but layers and bulky boots. Nevertheless, I cannot help but think of my current wardrobe and what I plan to use as I transition into the spring months.

Currently, my wardrobe is a mix of various trends from the summer and fall, neutral sweaters, and whole lot of a leggings. I must admit I have been in the process of discovering what my personal style is. My wardrobe has been edgy, preppy, and most recently transitioned into sport street wear. I now have a closet which filled with mismatched pieces. I have always loved to experiment with fashion and my style, but I constantly look at my wardrobe and feel that I have many pieces that won’t be worn for more than one season.

Tommy Hilfiger

Clearing out my closet has never been easy for me. I do consider myself a hoarder in regards to clothes and accessories simply because of the potential “what if I want to wear it again”. The first pieces that I knew had to be given away were ones that are ill fitting. By ill fitting I mean that certain pieces are bigger on me or sweaters that are shapeless. The next to go are pieces that are mostly trendy and not versatile. I have a tendency to buy pieces that are on trend and are made from inexpensive material so they do not last longer nor blend with other pieces. Lastly, I want to decrease the amount of doubling up on pieces. Buying pieces that are exactly the same lacks interest (since I look like I’m wearing the same outfit every day). Instead I'm aiming for classic pieces that can be worn in many ways and can be paired with some trending pieces as seasons change. I'm also looking for classic pieces that are of better quality.

I do consider myself a hoarder in regards to clothes and accessories simply because of the potential “what if I want to wear it again”

Vero Moda Blazer

H&M Bomber Jacket
So which pieces in my current wardrobe will I be wearing in the spring season? I have two blazers that I purchased a few years ago, but have become staples in my wardrobe. One in white with an asymmetrical cut and one moto style blazer in a light pink. Despite the fact that they are a few years old, I do consider them to be classic shapes and on trend because of their cut and colour. Next, the bomber jacket has also been a trend that I loved for the past year. I own three, but I see myself wearing this olive one a lot. The jacket is made of a thin silky material so it’s perfect to layer for spring and even carry into the warmer months. My final jacket is one that I wore in the fall season, but is perfect to transition from winter to spring on the cooler days. This Tommy jacket is a classic cut with gold detailing and I absolutely love it. It looks great with multiple outfit and shoe combinations.

H&M Top

There are two tops I see myself wearing more in the spring, one is black with cut out shoulders and bell bottom sleeves while the other is a pinkish nude silky top with lace detailing on the shoulders. These I consider to be trendier pieces, but are still wearable after the fall and winter seasons. Denim is simple, my favorite pair of dark wash skinnies (photographed in my previous post) will definitely make a number of appearances this season. Lastly, my favorite velvet booties from Public Desire with gold detailing will remain a part of my spring wardrobe until it warms up and the snow completely disappears. I love them too much to give them up just yet, especially how they bring an interesting aspect to any outfit.

Public Desire Boots

How do you prepare for the transition to spring? Be on the lookout for my next post regarding spring inspiration and what trends I’ll be looking for this season!

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