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The Start of Something New

Friday, March 31, 2017

Styling Tommy Hilfiger Casually

Pursuing writing has always been a dream of mine. With the start of a new chapter, as I continue my education in journalism, I wanted a fresh start with my blog. Most of you may know my writing from my previous blog Wakeup Makeup & Conquer. Having the confidence to start a blog let alone share it made me realize that I have a true passion for writing. For months I wrote about different makeup looks and products that I loved and shared with my small following. As much as I loved my first creative project, as time passed I found myself falling out of love with my blog. I started to feel confined and that I was only creating content which was sharing one small part of who I am. Overall, I felt that there was an imbalance of what I was sharing and the reality of my life and as a person.

"Having the confidence to start a blog let alone share it made me realize that I have a true passion for writing"

Finding balance in life  

everyday streetstyle
Balance is a word that I have had to relearn this past year. I have always had a difficulty with finding ways to balance my goals with my mental health along with balancing work with pleasure. I am a goal driven person with an A type personality so I naturally find myself obsessing over goals and how to achieve them. Whether it be with dance, fitness, or even my writing I have many plans for success and my first instinct is to figure out how I can achieve everything all at once. Reality is, it’s impossible to constantly achieve and sometimes we need to take time to rest and reflect. To sit back and enjoy a glass of a wine and a good book or take a few days off from working to enjoy just being. I want this blog to not be a reason for imbalance so I will no longer try to maintain a certain look or aesthetic. There will no longer be stress or pressure to write a certain number of posts per week, instead I want to enjoy the process of developing this blog. My ultimate goal is to use this as a creative space where I can share aspects of my life in ways that can relate to all of you.   

everyday streetstyle

Will this affect my writing?
Short answer it won’t affect my writing, but I’m changing the tone and who I am as a blogger. In my previous blog, I created a platform which focused solely on beauty products and how easy it is to create these over the top looks. I love makeup, I really do, but I don’t find myself grabbing for the 10 eyeshadow palettes I purchased and received last year. I don’t see the point in purposely buying 20 different foundations when I’ve found one that I currently love. If I decide to share certain products or clothing pieces, it is because I genuinely love them and use them on a regular basis. I want my readers to see me and get to know me as an individual. There are too many incredible things in this world that I love and bring me happiness to not share with you all. I’m a real person who has ups and downs and projecting an image that I always want to spend 30+ minutes on my makeup is not realistic. This new blog is where I am right now in life in regards to what I’m passionate about.

"If I decide to share certain products or clothing pieces, it is because I genuinely love them and use them on a regular basis"

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The concept of Belles Reveries is to pursue all that I daydream about. I’m a 22 year old student who loves the grandeur of fashion and beauty as well as an enthusiast  for health and wellness since I am a competitive dancer. Belles Reveries will then be a platform where I can discuss all of these things instead of being confined. Sharing more of who I really am is extremely important not just for content, but to create more of a real connection with all of you. My hopes and dreams for this page is that it will emulate my true identity as an individual and not just as the persona of a blogger.

To all of you that started with me as a beauty blogger last year, thank you for sharing your support. I hope that you will all follow me on this journey as I begin this new chapter.

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