Lifestyle Blog By Shauna Young

Lifestyle Blog By Shauna Young

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Most bloggers have the pleasure of discussing their spring wardrobe by late February. As I look out my window, in the middle of March, all I see is a blanket of fresh snow. Unfortunately living in Canada does affect my wardrobe since the extended winter months does not allow for anything but layers and bulky boots. Nevertheless, I cannot help but think of my current wardrobe and what I plan to use as I transition into the spring months.

Styling Tommy Hilfiger Casually

Pursuing writing has always been a dream of mine. With the start of a new chapter, as I continue my education in journalism, I wanted a fresh start with my blog. Most of you may know my writing from my previous blog Wakeup Makeup & Conquer. Having the confidence to start a blog let alone share it made me realize that I have a true passion for writing. For months I wrote about different makeup looks and products that I loved and shared with my small following. As much as I loved my first creative project, as time passed I found myself falling out of love with my blog. I started to feel confined and that I was only creating content which was sharing one small part of who I am. Overall, I felt that there was an imbalance of what I was sharing and the reality of my life and as a person.