Lifestyle Blog By Shauna Young

Lifestyle Blog By Shauna Young

This week has probably been one of my busiest while I get everything ready for Christmas! It’s crazy to think that we’re already talking about Christmas and New Years, but I am so ready to enjoy every moment of the holidays surrounded by loved ones.

I wasn’t lying when I said I was going to dedicate a single post just for beauty products.

Real talk. The last few months have been chaotic in the sense that I spent a lot of time in workout clothes and my hair in a messy bun running from training session to dance class. 

Ah Christmas. Shining lights, a big tree, and all of the yummy treats one could think of. There are so many great things about the holidays, we often get wrapped up in all of the happiness and excitement and then find ourselves missing some gifts.

As November ends and December begins, I had to take this opportunity to share my favourite products from the past month. 

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Truth be told I can be a bit of grinch when it comes to winter. 
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I feel like skincare has been having its own moment lately in the beauty world. With the popularity of having glowy skin, almost every brand was releasing their own set of magical products which could help us achieve this. 

Whenever I shop, I always try to find items that can be used multiple ways in my wardrobe. I try to stay away from clothing that can only be worn one way or for certain occasions since I don’t have the closet space to manage that. It's important to have a collection of clothes that can be recycled season after season. I want a wardrobe that is versatile and offers me options for any mood I may be in.

Any fashion girl would say that dressing for fall is the absolute best. It’s the perfect season where you can layer your favourite sweaters and coats, but not too cold where you’re miserable. 

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With the changing of seasons also comes a change in beauty trends. Every fall season, dark lips in the deepest shades from burgundy to purple can be found in most autumnal trends. As for eyes, warm toned eyeshadows have gained increasing popularity. With almost every brand releasing their own version of burnt oranges and red toned browns, everyone wants to achieve this look.

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I don’t know about you, but I'm feeling…twenty three? What a weird age to reach. I'm slowly approaching the dreaded quarter life crisis, yet I still look younger than most eighteen year olds. I used to equate age with various goals or life events. When I was a child, all of us girls would discuss our futures and how we would all be engaged by twenty five or twenty six and life would be magical because we would have our careers and future all planned out. For a lack of better expression… LOL. If anything this past year has taught me the complete opposite. My whole year of being twenty two has been anything but planned. There were some highlights like graduating from university, travelling, getting my new dog, etc. but if I really think about it there wasn’t anything substantial that changed in my life. What twenty two did bring were life lessons and a whole bunch of growth. Learning from my previous mistakes and choices pushed me to make major life decisions that I never imagined for myself. This post isn’t a scream for help or an existential crisis. If anything what I wanted to share with you were the lessons I have learned over the past 12 months of being twenty two. 

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My day to day beauty regimen is extremely minimal. No makeup, hair up in a messy bun, and my nails are most likely chipped. My daily schedule involves early mornings where I edit and work on blog posts followed by afternoon and evening training sessions for dance. Most days there isn't much time throughout the day to apply makeup to then only take it off after a hour or so (as I don’t like wearing makeup when I train or practice). When I do decide to get my glam on, my current beauty routine is extremely simple and basic. Since I spend most of my weekends dancing at competitions, I try not to wear heavy amounts of makeup in my everyday life. Currently the weather has been a mixture of sticky humidity or rain which leaves my makeup and hair looking like a mess after a few hours. Overall, I really haven’t played around with much makeup in the past few months, BUT I have found some of my favourite products that are on their way to becoming holy grail finds.
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I like to think that I am more open minded when it comes to my personal style. Experimenting with colour, print, and trends is what has allowed me to figure out what I really like and what I don’t like. Learning from my past fashion "mistakes" has taught me to try things outside of the box. From every mistake, I have learnt and grown through all of the phases in my style which has helped me develop my current wardrobe. We all have a comfort zone when it comes to clothing, but the last thing I want is to be stuck in a style rut. That being said, I do have my opinions and judgements of certain looks and trends. I can definitely say that I have a list of items that I would never be caught dead in. 

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If I had to choose my favourite season for dressing it would definitely have to be the fall. I love layering knits, swapping sandals for boots, and wearing leather jackets. Dressing for the summer has always had its challenges since many stores opt for the short short and crop top combination. Lately, I find myself in this trasition stage where I don’t quite fit in with the style of stores I used to shop in that are directed towards young adults (because of the crop tops and short shorts). Instead, I have shopped around to a number of stores to find a mix of feminine and youthful clothing that I can feel comfortable in. Leaving for New Orleans, I obviously had to pack the necessities for my dance competition, but also for another four days. Packing for a warmer climate affected my decision making on a lot of the items that I recently purchased. How was I going to dress to stay cool yet still be fashionable?
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With the temperature only getting hotter and the sun shining brighter each day, there was a checklist of things to do and see in New Orleans. This would be the last day and a half before we were back to the competition for another event and then off to the airport to head back home. Even though we had walked all over the French Quarter and up to Bourbon street, there are many small side streets with interesting stores that have yet to be explored. 

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As I walked out of the airport I was instantly hit with the humidity and sun that I have never felt before. I love warm weather, but you could walk outside with wet hair and it will be dry within a few minutes. Getting into a cab as we made our way to the hotel, I was able to see the makeup of a city that has had it troubles and triumphs. At first it looked like any other city filled with large buildings and busy streets, but it was not until I reached the French Quarter that the true identity and spirit of New Orleans could be found. Since I was spending a little under a week in New Orleans I really wanted to see as much as I possibly could. Mixing well known tourist destinations with simply walking around and discovering the various characters who makeup the city.
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This post is going to be slightly different from what I normally share, but I’ve been wanting to include more reflective and personal posts on my page. I think it is so important to remind myself that the reason why I blog in the first place is because I love to write. To not only write my thoughts and opinions on products, but discuss my own life experiences and what I am learning from them.

It is officially the first day of summer which means months of hot and humid days are on its way! The change in weather also affects my beauty inspirations, shifting towards different trends. Looking for updos for the most part since the summer can get extremely hot in Montreal. The ultimate goal is to find styles that will be comfortable and keep me cool while still looking good. Hair and makeup are two aspects that play a significant role in completing any outfit, therefore I want to find different styles that will compliment my overall look. Summer is a time in fashion where I step away from structured pieces and instead go for loose fit and lighter fabrics. My hair and makeup will then be less structured and instead highlighting my natural texture and features. In the past week I've been scoping my Pinterest and Instagram feeds to find inspiration for possible looks to try. 
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For the past few years, fitness and over all wellness has been significant in my life. As a competitive dancer it is necessary to train to maintain and build strength so I can perform at my absolute best. Now I can honestly say that fitness is a benefit for my overall health, but the journey was a rocky process. When I started college, I found myself feeling self conscious of my appearance as I began to put on weight and change from what I was used to. Late nights studying resulted in poor eating habits and of course drinking large amounts of coffee to get through the tireless days at school. At the same time, the pressure to look a certain way was affecting my reasoning to workout. This resulted in a cycle of me starting a new fitness program, having motivation for only one week, and by the end I would be back to where I started feeling defeated. 

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Lorna Luxe

Despite the gloomy weather we’ve been experiencing here in Montreal, summer is just around the corner! As always, I’ve been browsing online and in store and I have to say that accessories are a huge feature for the current spring and summer seasons. To be honest, I would consider myself to be bit of a minimalist when it comes to accessorizing my outfits simply because I don’t wear a lot of jewelry or think to grab anything unless it is a necessity. If I think to grab a necklace or pair of earrings, it is usually an after thought. A personal goal of mine is to incorporate more interesting accessories that can be paired with multiple outfits. Accessories are the sprinkles and cherry on top of an outfit sundae. With the right choice, they take an everyday look to a whole other level. I chose three major trends that I have noticed when shopping and included some of my picks, both high end and low end, of each accessory.

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If you haven’t already noticed, I’m very excited about the warmer spring weather that has finally reached Montreal. After discussing trends, inspirations, and newer purchases the next obvious post would have to do with my current beauty routine. As many of you know, my former blog was dedicated to beauty trends and looks so I more than dabble with makeup. Lately I’ve started to move away from heavy and dramatic looks and focus more on natural makeup. This spring, my makeup inspiration is fresh and feminine and these are the essentials to obtain such a look.

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The Viva Luxury

Checkered, picnic tablecloth, these are some of the few descriptive names for gingham. Commonly seen in black and white in past clothing, but recently this trend has had a major upgrade.
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Lately, I find myself being fed up with the process of shopping. At one point it was a time where I would walk into any store, find a few random pieces, and purchase without thinking twice. I would get home with excitement thinking these pieces would be a great addition, only to wear them for the next few weeks and soon realize majority of my purchases are unwearable.

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What I love most about spring is that it is a period of regrowth. From the cold brisk winter comes a new energy when the snow begins to melt and nature is renewed. I also see this as a period of growth in my style. This spring I have looked to many sources of inspiration in order to discover how I will be refining my style. I looked at different locations that have pivotal characteristics in regards to fashion and mode of life. Paris & London are two of my biggest inspirations for this season. Paris, the city of love, embodies romanticism and femininity. In contrast, London is tailored menswear inspired clothing with an edge. The fashion industry has also been inspired by various time periods. Recently the era of Romanticism has seriously influenced the spring runway. The runway interpreted the Romantics through the use of colour, cut, and various textures. The use of lace and sheer fabrics, light and dark floral prints, and adding dimension elaborated this inspiration.

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Most bloggers have the pleasure of discussing their spring wardrobe by late February. As I look out my window, in the middle of March, all I see is a blanket of fresh snow. Unfortunately living in Canada does affect my wardrobe since the extended winter months does not allow for anything but layers and bulky boots. Nevertheless, I cannot help but think of my current wardrobe and what I plan to use as I transition into the spring months.

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Pursuing writing has always been a dream of mine. With the start of a new chapter, as I continue my education in journalism, I wanted a fresh start with my blog. Most of you may know my writing from my previous blog Wakeup Makeup & Conquer. Having the confidence to start a blog let alone share it made me realize that I have a true passion for writing. For months I wrote about different makeup looks and products that I loved and shared with my small following. As much as I loved my first creative project, as time passed I found myself falling out of love with my blog. I started to feel confined and that I was only creating content which was sharing one small part of who I am. Overall, I felt that there was an imbalance of what I was sharing and the reality of my life and as a person.